How to embed Instagram post on your blogger blog for free

How to embed an Instagram post

 Do you have a blog or do you want to start a blog? Is social media or Instagram your passion to enjoy by writing on topics related to profiles or other stuffs that will request you to provide some Instagram pictures like in this post?

You can embed Instagram post for different purposes, it all depends on what’s yours but either way it’s an advantage, we’ll see how.

From my experience bloggers who use Blogger (Formerly BlogSpot) platform tend to have difficulties with spicing their blogs when it comes to content curation where a blogger should add detailed info.

Due to a small store of plugins, this the same case for Instagram embed, this requires some maneuvers comparing to how WordPress works (it is straightforward with plugins).

I am going to end all worries that you had and answer all of the above questions. First, you should know the best thing about embedding Instagram posts rather than using pictures.

Why do you need to embed an Instagram?

There are hundreds of reasons why you would need your Instagram post in a website. Let’s take a look on a list on the goodness of embedding a post on your blog.


We all want to get known on by attracting users to our social profiles, getting followers give us a chance of being heard when we express an idea.

If you want to be heard or known you should be promoting yourself in every possible way, that’s what reach out is about. You need to show people that you exist else they won’t know you because they won’t dream.

Then, embedding Instagram posts on your website is an exposure to your website visitors which can trigger them to check out your account and probably follow you – That’s a gain, right?

Website visitors and followers

Don’t underestimate this, an example:

Think about a visitor who likes your blog post and share it to his/her friends, he brings new visitors and potential followers because he/she didn’t only share a post but also your Instagram post.

Those new visitors of your post are potential followers because one of them could be converted into followers which will grow your account slowly.

Making Money

Who doesn’t want to earn money, absolutely no one. Did you know that big accounts on Instagram make tons of money due to the amount of followers they have?

As you can make money on your blog, you can do it on Instagram too. How? The more audience you have, the more money you can make.

Stimulate your promotion

People can promote your content without you putting so much efforts, but because they wanted to be promoted. Let’s say you write about a coffee shop in your area and you embed their Instagram photo.

In order show people how they are recognized and showcase their featured Instagram posts, they will share your content with and in that time you will also profit the promotion and get visitors.

What you should not do

You can say that there are various ways you can show your Instagram content without embedding, that’s right there tons of those ways, however those ways are not viable as it is embed method. This is why I see this method irreplaceable:

  1. Interactivity of the embedded post or video.
  2. Show the real time performance of the post like likes, comments and so on.
  3. Trusted content and a chance of followers conversion.

These are the main points I consider while advising you to use embeds rather than any other trash about showing any visual content from Instagram.

Login or signup to Instagram

I’m not very sure how, but I give 99.9% of chance that no way you can have access to Instagram contents without an account.

So, use your account credentials to login to your account, in case you don’t have an account you need to sign up, in order for this to work.

Login Area
Facebook Log In

There are different ways of log in to your Instagram, The first one is using a phone number, username if you know it or an email address and of course your password.

The second method is to use Facebook, because Instagram is owned by it, it is possible to use your Facebook profile as Log in Method.

Instagram signup screen
Instagram signup screen

Signing up is the same way, you have two methods to use either Log In with Facebook or starting from scratch. To create one you can do it on phone (iPhone, iPad, Android…).

These are the steps to follow to create it:

  • Tap the sign up (Create new account).
  • Enter email address or phone number.
  • Create a username and password.

And you are good to go.

Instagram account profile interface
Instagram account profile interface

Here is how inside the post looks, better it looks different when you don’t have any post. It’s time to embed Instagram post!

Go to post and get embed codes

Maybe it’s for feed purpose or a topic and you want to showcase what you are saying. You will need a post to do so.

3 Dots menu

Go to your post or a specific post you want and open it you will see everything related to that post including like, comment, sending and so on but none of the options you are going to use now but all you need now is to press 3 dots in the top-right corner.

Options that come when you click three dots
Options that come when you click three dots

You get a menu of options including; Go to post, Share, Copy Link, Embed and Cancel we want an option that helps us to get the ability to embed this post.

The Embed option is what we need right now. Now click/tap it.

Embed Code pup-up
Embed Code pup-up

After you click on “Embed” you get a pop up of codes, you can edit this option to either include or not include caption which will depend on your purpose and tastes.

A reminder: the embed option doesn’t exist in mobile app, only for the web version.

How to Embed Instagram post with codes

We are almost done, after getting embed codes it’s time for blog.

Take the copied codes in post, if you it’s your first time to create a blog post then take a look on how you can create your first post in blogger and in the editor change from Composer to HTML. 

Paste the codes and voilà get back to the composer tab or preview directly how it looks and that’s you embed Instagram post.

Blogger in HTML mode with embed codes
Blogger in HTML mode with embed codes

After embedding the codes, make sure that you know where your codes are and better put them between comments for future safety.

How Embedded post looks
How Embedded post looks

After embedding the codes you can see that the preview shows the post with you content.

Bonus | How to embed Instagram post on WordPress

WordPress as a favorite blogging platform to me, I would not leave without telling you its way of putting Instagram within the post. Comparing to how you do embed in Blogger, WordPress seems to make things very easy, this method is for Gutenberg editor, if the way is different from classic editor let us know, this is how:

Step 1: Go in your post editor; Of course you need a content to be able to embed a post within there, open your editor to start.

Step 2: Create a block and choose appropriate; Thanks to Gutenberg Instagram block, from block list choose Instagram or view all and search.

Step 3: Add post link (URL); After adding a URL, WordPress fetches the post and put it into your post.

An Example, my Feed’s picture:


Let’s grab some important points from this post to better be familiar with this action of embedding. All you need is just an account whether you create a new one or login to the existing account.

After you pick a specific post, go to post and press three buttons, choose embed and copy embed codes, go to blogger enter in the post editor and paste codes in the HTML tab, preview and you have it. 

Thank you for reading this post, was it helpful? If you have any suggestion of what to change in the post or what to write about in next posts to come, feel free to put it in comment, ciao!.

Is there any other method that works in Blogger? I am happy to hear from your opinion, you can share it with us!

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