Reasons why you should reconsider using social media

Social Media

Nowadays it’s like a rule to seat in a yard or saloon scrolling around a smartphone (which are very popular) or navigating the world virtually on your laptop. As Statista shows in reports social platforms (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) have 3.81 billion active users while the world has a total of 7.8 billion of population. Without much of explanation only numbers speak for themselves.

Social media are proving to be outstanding tools in digital world and I doubt that this is gonna change. Is it really going to change? I don’t think so, instead the number is going up, this is a good sign of a digitized world the ancestors wished for.

On the other side of the coin, these stuff have got a shape shift identity. It is both constructive and destructive, but in the middle of that there is a way of use, I mean it depends on how someone is using it.

I write this post to make sure everyone who is reading it, to take an assessment or make an analysis. You should know what you should plan next, this mainly concentrates on why, how, when, what?

You should think again why you use social media and see if there is an addition
You should think again why you use social media and see if there is an addition – Photo by Marekist on Unsplash


Far doesn’t exist anymore

Social media is a simplified way of connecting to a large community on a small scale (A phone or laptop) and advantageously without even leaving an inch and second, maybe you have a family outside Rwanda or anywhere, either you have a business far away from you there is no way of not using it it’s an opportunity of doing your affairs in an easiest way possible.

Social media could also keep you up to date without leaving as it does so in connectivity like I was saying it. There are different bunch of stuffs that they help in that shows how worthy they are to the users.

Not every frame is light.

Do you wake up and check up on your phone immediately? Most of us might be checking either on the time (like I do) or others might check on their social media profiles (what most of us do).

Note, most researches have proclaimed that coffee and tobacco are addictive but on my list I add social media. This is not a good thing by the way, it is something that is its worst as its best as mentioned above.


Using social media and being digital is becoming like a culture of the world where who is not using them is unusual in the society. Try to figure out how someone who lives alone and doesn’t use social media is living, of course he/she is living in a pure boredom (maybe it’s what you think) but there’s a higher chance of being into special living conditions different to the ones using them.

Oh! I forgot something special about the social apps, it is sometimes a source of income. Many people out there are earning through social media, by only posting something he/she gets something for that and of course a hobby for some.


As I stated above, social media is a source of income sometimes but this is not for everyone who uses it. Where do you classify yourself? Are you earning from it? Are you planning to earn from it? Is it your hobby?

You should ask yourself these questions to know the Why and the When you use the social media. Most do not know when we should use them and sometimes it is not clear for some what they are looking for on them.


The questions you asked yourself this is the time and right question for you to answer the above questions. Here you need to assess yourself to know the part social platforms is playing in your 10 hours (maybe more) of work or activities.

What you are doing there will help you answer both why, how and when. You can change the content or the schedule of using social media, why not?


Like we have seen, social media has monopolized the communication, connectivity and updates especially we communicate in a Thanos-snap way takes only seconds, thanks to those who developed those ideas.

These platforms are two-sided tools, they might be productive for some and the other way around for others that’s when we should look at the ways we can use them. The main interrogative questions on ourselves Why do you use social media? How do you use them? When exactly do you use them? And for What?


We have seen much in this post, maybe everything sounds normal to you to use social.

This post serves to help you again look at your reconsider the way you use social media, it might be an opportunity that’s coming, a measure, a strategy and so on, that’s what makes social platforms multi-diverse and a universe of content.

I have done that too, I sat down and audited myself on a status of social media to me and took a decision to share this with you and I hope this is going to help. You can put a comment below for a suggestion.

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  1. Your article gives food for thought. As blogger, social media is an all encompassing biome for success. Like everything else, it needs to be mastered in order to bring in the desired results.

  2. I have recently started handling social media. I agree with you, i also check my phone as soon as i open my eyes. Social media Addiction, right?

  3. I only use social media to promote my blog and to check on the reputable news and science sources I follow to stay up-to-date. I rarely use them to actually personally socialise. But it can be easy to get addiction to them

    1. It’s totally right, the good thing about social media is its all-in-one structure where you have access to everything.

  4. We all are social media addict. I like to add few simple things in my routine so that I don’t scroll any feed on my phone every time, Simple things such as- reading book or taking a walk.

    1. Really! That’s a good technique, I think you’ve beaten it out.

    2. This post certainly puts social media use into perspective by asking those key questions of why and how we use it. It seems these days that if you are a blogger/ writer that this is one of the most important ways to promote your work and attract those readers. So, the marketing element becomes a full time job which can also lead to the social media addiction that you mentioned. As so many products move into the app space, we will probably soon have no option but to be on our phones all the time!

      1. Franglais, you’re right. Social media is putting us in a position where we remain with no choice except to accept to live by it’s conditions!

  5. Great read! Social media really has become an addiction for a lot of people. It will be interesting to see how it evolves over the years.