5 performing stars in creative industries of Rwanda 2020 (At the moment)

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5 well-performing stars in creative industry of Rwanda 2020

I am proud that Rwanda has made a way to creative industry promotion, you don’t know what is creative industry? It’s alright if you don’t, you will know as we go further in this post, but for an advanced understanding there are so many sources out there for your reference don’t limit yourself to the definitions I will provide in this post.

Since the emergence of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and so many more, creativity has finally find its way out in Rwanda and around the world.

Since then, day by day those platforms are revealing new creative people in different industries like music, design, film, art, craft, fashion and more.

Getting back to what I had to do — let me define the term creative industries. To avoid being my own reference, I will define this term using others’ perspectives and again from that I will build mine of my own understanding.

  • The creative industries refers to a range of economic activities which are concerned with the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information – as of Wikipedia.
  • Creative industries are business models that depend on creativity where creativity is work of unusual value, this is by simplicable.
Look at the definitions above, they all show that in creative industries should be composed by something special or a value addition to the normal activities.
Think of a person who draws, he has something special to what I normally have because he can use his hand and brain to show what’s on his mind.
Let me try to define the term in my viewpoint but it’s not far from what I have provided above it only changes the way in which you could understand this it. “Creative industries are a collection of different activities, either economic or enjoyable that involves creativity”.
Break question: What’s your favorite creative industry? Who’s your favorite creator?
Without further ado, let me tell you who are most creative people and worth an applause for their creative minds and are changing things in the way they perform.

5. Rocky Kirabiranya

Call him Kimomo, Kirabiranya, byose, ngombwa and many more he calls himself (haha!). We all know who is the master in translating “Yanga” (Retired) but I mentioned Rocky for his hustle after digitizing the translation career.
Yes at least you can call it a career as long as this is no more a bad job as we used to say, so many people have tried since but failed (You see, that’s not easy! you need to have what it takes to be a good translator).
Not so long since this translator appeared in the career, but he has acquired many hearts of lovers of translated movies, because of how he creates an entertaining environment to the watcher so the movie won’t knock him/her down to sleep.
Not only that work he made for his fans but also has managed to change the game in the industry but also has made it another level where his work can be found remotely.
Rocky has a digital store for his work, for only 6,000 Rwf ($6.99) monthly subscription you get access for all of the movies on the site.

4. Cedric Dric

Cedric Dric under Dric Ent. has impressed me more than one, two or three times by his work. Dric is a professional videographer and he has been in trend this year for his unique, high level and professional videos that he has made.
For example, he is behind the #safehandschallenge video of H.E President Paul Kagame. He also the one who created a video clip of Buravan‘s song “Low Key”.
                    Low key by Yvan Buravan, Directed by Dric Ent.
Dric has concentrated his work on creating short videos and seems to pay off. Fun fact about Dric is; “Dric has graduated high school in Construction” which convices me that creativity is flowing in his blood.

3. Nyaxo

K’gande Olivier (Real names) famously known as “Nyaxo”, to be honest I’ve watched every single piece of his releases and I have no plan to stop it. 
Few years ago is when he hit action industry, Nyaxo is a creator of Short skits, both his professionalism and dedication are on high level. 
I remember when I first saw his comedy few years ago he had bad quality videos until he found his way to being known moreover was walking and then now has co-actors that mainly appear in his videos like Prince and Nyaxe.
Since his start he has made a bunch of videos under contracts with various partners whom people have liked them and some claim Nyaxo to be the most talented short skits comedian in Rwanda.

2. Ariel Wayz

Ariel is a vocal gifted, she has a charming voice apart from his musical skills that’s his talent that made her go for “The Voice Afrique Francophone”. She is a fast rising star after forging her voice in Nyundo School of Music.

She is doing a great job lifting music to another level and contending in international singing competition.

1. The Cat

To the first place comes either Vevo (Previous name) or Babalao (Brand new name) call him accordingly. From what I know this Babalao comes from a hit from Diamond Platnumz
Some call him The Cat Vevo others call him The Cat Babalao, but as of now he is The Cat Babalao according to his official accounts. He is one of popular bloggers in Rwanda, his main channels of blogging are Instagram and YouTube but recently he also created a twitter account to expand his workspace.
I can’t hesitate to say that he is at the top to entertain Instagram community mainly Rwanda and Burundi as his bios (both Twitter and Instagram) say. He has changed so many artists and talented people to the hall of fame till now doing it. 
What makes The Cat unique is a creative way in which he creates his content.


Social media has opened the doors to different creative people around the world including Rwanda, in that way there are people who have found a way to impress and they became even more creative in this year (2020), I decided to choose only 5 who brought uniqueness. Let us again take a look at them:
  1. The Cat
  2. Ariel Wayz
  3. Nyaxo
  4. Dric Ent.
  5. Rocky Kirabiranya
They have made a difference in their respective niches, they have been outstanding judging from whole thing you read above and from my point of view they deserve it, despite the interference of COVID-19 pandemic they continued to make a difference.
“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” – Bruce Garrabrandt
Creative industries of Rwanda have so many outstanding talents and gifts that have already revealed themselves and others that will come in coming years, and we need to wait and see what the time hides from us.
Was this helpful? Are you seeing who we missed? Share it with us in the comments – Thanks!

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  1. Such a detailed and nicely written post. Lovef it 👍

  2. Truth be said, social media has changed the traditional ways of approach to all things including entertainment. It's either you join the train, or it's the highway.