2 tools- WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

Believe it or not a good content makes a great blog. If you are a blogger focus on the structure and quality of your content everything will happen automatically. Are WordPress and Microsoft Word worth of it? Then how and what to use to achieve an outstanding content?

Still wondering the right answer but I have an option that works better.

In order write a good content that will fight for readability requires powerful tools. Microsoft Word and WordPress can do that regarding the structuring and formatting your content before publishing it. One is publishing platform and other is authority tool.

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The more easily readable is your article, the more readers it will attract hence credibility is generated. Don’t expect any of this if you are not making any difference, it’s not something you can do barely.

Let’s see the results you can get from combining the abilities of WordPress and Microsoft Word.

What is WordPress

There are two WordPress (Paid [Wordpress.com] and Open source [Wordpress.org]). Here I’m talking about WordPress.org which is far popular than paid version.

Studies show that WordPress hosts more than 37.6% of all websites on the internet (including this blog) and holds more than 63.6% of share in CMS market. No doubt that it’s a good CMS so far.

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to build websites and blogs without any coding skills, it is run by WordPress Foundation since 2003.

It is run on versions (updates) basis. As of now, it is on its 5.5 version released in early August 2020. It has a license of GPL v2.

WordPress has been a famous platform for publishers especially bloggers because of its friendly structure to everyone. Of course it is competing with bunch of CMS like Wix, Joomla, Drupal, and more… but it still shows how powerful it is by outranking all of these platforms.

Why WordPress?

Why choose WordPress as your blogging platform? Hundreds of thousand answers are available to this question.

WordPress is made for bloggers because the word “Blog” keeps coming wherever you will see WordPress’s description.

WordPress Google SERP snippet
WordPress Google SERP snippet

Not fame behind no work. WordPress is awesome and convincing, I am a witness because I have used 2 other platforms before considering it. Here is what I find out to be the fact behind the success of this CMS.

Easy to use

WordPress doesn’t complicate things – Photo by WallpaperAccess

It’s not wrong, WordPress is easy to use. If you were doubting the level of difficulty of WordPress to be hard it’s not true.

It has so many good stuffs but what people first focus on is easiness but that’s not a problem because from the dashboard to the editor everything is working fine and straightforward.

Think again! Would you use something that has a long running curve? I don’t think so. Before everything they [Developers] have solved that problem in the first hand.

Simple Dashboard

When you first login to WordPress with your credentials (Username and Password) you see something like this:

WordPress Dashboard
This the WordPress dashboard behind many of beautiful sites you see on the internet – Image by Kord Blog from Softaculous

That’s how the dashboard looks, without any addition which means that the first time you log in the CMS you get something similar to that.

WordPress has 3 main parts which will help you through your way starting and running a blog.

  • Header (Top bar)
  • Menu (Side bar)
  • Screen (Body)

You can see detailed info through here, it is crucial to firstly understand these parts before you proceed with any other action because it can be hard if you don’t.

First of all the dashboard looks simple and decent for everyone even for both those who are and who aren’t familiar with CMS, basic properties can be handled by anyone regardless the level of tech skills (+1 point).


Unlike other platforms like Blogger, WordPress is limitless to what you can do with it. Everything in WordPress ends when you are satisfied.

Plugins are additional pieces of software that enable customization in WordPress, it means that plugins add some extra features to bare WordPress.

You see! It is interesting. Digital.com claims that by now, there is more than 54,000 free plugins on WordPress. I like this because this is likely to help everyone solve his/her problem.

More than 1.5 billions of plugins downloads have been done since the initiation of plugins. The first plugin has been released in 2004 as Sitelock says.

Warning: Plugins are important but be aware that too many plugins can make your site load slow!

What is Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft Office’s application package we have seen that.

Microsoft Word is a word processing software, it has been around for so many years. The best thing about it is that it has no plan of being obsolete like others.

It has competitors but still looks convincing, no blame so far but an appreciation. It’s qualities are irreplaceable that’s why I recommend it to every writer.

Why every blogger needs Microsoft Word

Writing a beautiful content is what Microsoft Word does each and every time. As blogger no other way to convince readers if not a good content.

You can count on it, this can give you the ability of putting out rich content without investing excessive efforts or wasting some time due to ignorance to the tool. Don’t let that happen to you!

There are two things about Microsoft Word that a blogger should not miss:

  • Structure and UI
  • Auto-correction
  • Add-ins


Like any other word processor or text editor, Microsoft Word is no difference at all in structure and interface except that it has some additional important features and different .

Microsoft Word interface
Microsoft Word has menu bar in a form of tabs which is easy to navigate

Word’s structure can be easily acquainted because its menu easily broken down into tabs which I prefer to be a best guide on where exactly a function or action can be found comparing to a drop-down menu software.

Moreover, this interface of Microsoft Word gives a writer a room to breath, there is a space where some panels can lie and still get some space.

The tabs are grouped into ribbons like small groups of elements by their functions.

Auto-correction and Word count

Making mistakes is an excuse and we are all humans this is a part of nature but failing to correct those mistakes where possible is no excuse.

Microsoft Word can give a hand for vocabularies, spelling and grammar in case you make an error, a best feature for a blogger who is motivated by perfection in his/her content. Isn’t it?

Once you want to go further in editing you work you can go on and use thesaurus and dictionary if you are interested in advanced technical terms, it has that too.

If you have a limit in word helps you to know the line at which a post is going to be crossing at, here it’s a good place to set up a limit and say: “I won’t be below 1,500 and above 2,000 words in this post” that will be okay and easy because you will be counting right at the bottom of your screen.

If you start a blog, soon or later you will need to improve your content in two ways by these characteristics:

  1. Understandable
  2. Detailed

Think, can a post be understandable if no clear vocabulary or the structure of sentences are not well-composed? Yes, it’s possible but not convenient and comfortable for a reader.

Using these features it can be even easy for you, hence a quality content production.


Just like WordPress, Microsoft Word has own plugins but they are known as “Add-ins”. They are pieces of software that can add external features in Word, they are accessed through its library.

But unfortunately, they are not as many as of WP because Microsoft Office as whole has around 2,000 Add-ins but they still do the job.

Microsoft Word Add-Ins
Where to find Add-ins in Microsoft Word

As a blogger you need to put focus on editorial add-ins to help you in grammar, plagiarism (crucial thing to consider in SEO) and vocabularies.

I would recommend you GradeProof or Grammarly if you want a proofing add-in in Microsoft Word because they are best writing assistants I know.

Microsoft and WordPress in numbers

Both these tools are masters in their respective industries, if you ask bloggers about a good a good platform to run a blog no doubt that WordPress will end up picking many votes.

According to W3Techs surveys, by now WordPress seems to flicker the industry because it retains 38.1% of all CMS usage worldwide followed by Shopify which claims 2.8%.

Also it [WordPress] claims a market share of 63.6% and still followed by Shopify with 4.6%. Even though Shopify is in the back but it far for it to catch WordPress.

Also Microsoft Office which is parent suite of Microsoft Word seems to lead among other suites where it has 1.2 billion users worldwide, which implies a large audience for Word too.

Combining the two is killing two birds with one stone.

Why Microsoft Word and WordPress match

These tools seem to complete the cycle especially for a blogger who is passion and seems to run a business and here is why:

  • Before publishing every blogger is supposed to do research and gather sources for the article, this is where a resourceful posts comes from then what if there is no writing tool, it’s only hard work. Microsoft Word can do such work where you can gather those writings together.
  • WordPress plays a big part because there is no way your beautiful message is going to reach the public without its intervention.

The good news is Microsoft Word has a blog template, it is possible to connect a WordPress website and do both work within the Word, very good isn’t it?

The Post that I have mentioned blog template:


Talking about being a blogger, it means business. Nowadays digitization is taking over and it is being like everyone needs to adapt to the changes.

Microsoft Word is a word processing software whereas WordPress (wordpress.org) is a content management system (CMS) or a publishing platform.

This what google’s WordPress official website SERP snippet says:

WordPress – Blog tool, Publishing platform and CMS

Simply, WordPress is an appropriate tool for bloggers whether for fun, passion or business purpose. It has done everything to make life easy with an easy-to-understand dashboard and ability to acquaint with third-party plugins.

The same case for Office, Microsoft Word can be a primary tool for blogging either. If you can directly publish a blog post for a WordPress website directly into Word, then it can be a blogging platform.

There is a strong bond between WordPress and Microsoft Word that bloggers should take into account, using one of these is good but using both is better.

Goodbetterbest. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

— Tim Duncan

Thanks for being with us throughout this article, hope you enjoyed! You can share with us your thoughts within comments in the section below.

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