15 awesome PowerPoint templates resources

Awesome PowerPoint templates resources

We investigated the internet to find out the best websites and resources where you can find professional and high quality PowerPoint templates.

In this article there is a collection of 15 websites of PowerPoint templates which among them 46.7% are free, 33.3% are freemium while other 20% are paid. Moreover, PowerPoint templates are a best way to minimize time and deliver a good work.

It looks like free resources have taken a large portion of resources in the list.

There are many reasons behind the use of PowerPoint templates, there is no way templates would have been created for nothing but they were created for something very important.

What are PowerPoint templates?

These templates are delivered from a PowerPoint presentation saved in a different way. One template can differ from another accordingly either the way it was created or a target group who created the template chose.

Our point of definition

PowerPoint templates are structured presentations and slides that are made for reuse and customization in one way or another for different purposes. PowerPoint templates are available for all fields.

What other sources say about PowerPoint templates

From Microsoft Office

According to Microsoft:

A PowerPoint template is a pattern or blueprint of a slide or group of slides that you save as a .potx file. Templates can contain layouts, colors, fonts, effects, background styles, and even content.

PowerPoint templates extension is saved as .potx
PowerPoint templates extension is written as .potx

There is an exception that also primary extension of PowerPoint (.pptx) can be used also according to the creator’s preference, both extensions are good.

According to Nuts and Bolts for PowerPoint:

In other words, a PowerPoint template is a set of instructions placed in the Slide Master View of your presentation that dictates the look, feel and behavior of all the slides within your presentation.

What you can see in this definition is that it looks like everything is setup for you and no hassle beside that except some custom edits like words and structure. It is highly advisable to make some changes in a template as long as it is for presentation purpose.

Benefits of using PowerPoint templates

To create an appealing PowerPoint presentation, there are few things you should take into account including structure as well as design. A PowerPoint template solves both of them.

Using a PowerPoint templates is benefiting, you gain somethings from using a template which include:

  • Time spare, you don’t need to start from scratch; creating a PowerPoint presentation requires energy.
  • A perfect layout, Most of templates are designed professionally with easy to use presentation layouts.
  • Consistency, with template you get a base of design of your presentation, only few tweaks.

How to edit a PowerPoint template

There is no big deal in editing a PowerPoint, what it only requires is to choose a right template that fits the purpose of your presentation.

For example, you can’t download a medical template to use it in engineering field that would be totally irrelevant and energy consuming.

Here is how you can edit a PowerPoint template:

  1. Download PowerPoint slides from the source.
  2. Go to download directory and open the file.
  3. Press “Enable Editing” to leave the Protected View from Microsoft Office.
  4. You are good to go, start to edit!
Enable Editing a PowerPoint file downloaded to leave protected view

Where to get PowerPoint templates (Free and Paid)

It is good that we understand what’s in a PowerPoint template.

Well, before diving into the list of PowerPoint templates collections there is something I want to mention that many have misunderstandings about:

People are failing to exploit PowerPoint to its maximum because they think it is a classic tool but they are totally wrong, there is no presentation tool that is better than PowerPoint also it is competent as a graphic design tool.

Creativity is not everyone’s talent and capabilities but identifying creative things is what human race has in common. You might not be able to create a charming presentation design and that’s not your fault, but you can be able to tweak an already made presentation template to impress public.

I present you 15 websites where you can find PowerPoint presentation templates, some are free where you get a file free of charge while others are paid and you pay a certain amount of money. Here is the list:

  1. All PPT (Free)
  2. Slides Carnival
  3. Slides Go (Free)
  4. Slide Model (Fremium)
  5. Hi Slide (Freemium)
  6. Envato elements (Paid)
  7. Etsy (Paid)
  8. Infograpia (Paid)
  9. PowerPointify (Free)
  10. 24 Slides (Freemium)
  11. Slide hunter (Free)
  12. Presentation Go (Free)
  13. Slide Team (Freemium)
  14. Slide Geeks (Freemium)
  15. Showeet (Free)


Home Page  of All PPT
Home Page of All PPT

By opening All PPT the above screen is its home that’s where you land before seeing anything (Unless you received a link to direct page).

All PPT has a bunch of categories to choose from according to your target field as you can see in the above picture. They also show you popular templates by the time and the size of screens.

All templates are available for free, and the best ever good thing about this website, there is neither registration nor payment required.

Slides Carnival

Home Page of Slides Carnival
Home Page of Slides Carnival

As All PPT, Slides Carnival is another free stock of PowerPoint templates and it is a self-service website.

Well, the elegance of the website can make you confident of their presentation templates – that’s right, they have beautifully looking templates that can be used either in business or personal projects.

Slides Go

Slides Go home page
Slides Go home page

Slides Go is another killer website owned by Freepik Company which stores a thousand of absolutely free PowerPoint presentation templates.

Slides Go Tags and Menu
Slides Go Tags and Menu

Slides Go is divided into categories as the menu shows also has tags that display total number of templates available in that specific tag. Moreover, you can be able to filter templates either by Color or Style. It is easily navigable and allows user to download assets easily.

They have also a great blog that helps people understand everything regarding presentation, PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Slide Model

Slide Model is another alternative collection of PowerPoint templates, when you enter their site, this is the home page you will see:

Slide Model home page
Slide Model home page

20,000+ PowerPoint templates with over 6.5M templates downloaded to this site, which including free and others are subscription based.

Slide Model provides access to 150+ bundle of PowerPoint slides
Slide Model provides access to 150+ bundle of PowerPoint slides

To be able download free slides in Slide Model, registration or login is required there is also a benefit of creating a free account to this site because you get access to free weekly slide templates or a bundle of 150+ PowerPoint slides.

They have various plans including:

Day5 downloads$24.90
Quarterly100 downloads / Month
10 downloads / Day
Annual Basic200 downloads / Month
50 downloads / Day
Annual UnlimitedUnlimited downloads
Unlimited downloads per day
Pricing table of Slide Model

Additional to unlimited annual plan is that you are allowed to provide license to 3 employees if you have a company or business and save presentations to cloud accounts.

Beside everything said above, Slide Model has a PowerPoint Add-on that can help you get access to all templates within PowerPoint.


Hislide.io home page
Hislide.io home page

Like the above collection, Hislide.io is the same case they both have free and paid templates – simply Hislide.io is a freemium source of PowerPoint templates.

With 186,028 templates on 89 pages it is a good choice to source slides from this site with modern and professional templates. This site again requires registration to earn access to free slides as well premium (paid) templates.

Pricing Plans

  • Free subscription ($0)
  • Monthly subscription ($20/month)
  • Full year access ($108 – $9/month)

Additionally, to use free subscription templates you have to attribute Hislide.io and on other subscriptions is not required and you get Premium support for 24/7.

Envato Elements

Envato – Probably the very known by designers because it is a famous creative assets store which gets more than 2 million customers every year and more than $800 million community earnings.

Envato Elements is a paid collection owned by ENVATO where you get designs and templates including PowerPoint slides which are professional, they are trustful and their elements are worth use.

Envato Elements Home Page
Envato Elements Home Page

Envato Elements has tons of PowerPoint templates around 19,672 templates, there is good news though.

This is a paid site but you can get free content legally, how? When you create an account you become eligible to 12 freebies each month.

Envato Element Freebies
Envato Element Freebies

Pricing Plan

Envato is fairly priced according to the size of stock:

Envato Elements Plans and Pricing
Envato Elements Plans and Pricing

They have so much regarding pricing, but what I can assure you is that Envato is trustworthy and professional in what they do, I can recommend using it and if possible make it a priority.


Etsy is another prolific shop (e-commerce website) for handmade and craft stuffs but there is a hidden category within – digital products and templates.

Even though digital downloads are not prioritized on this website but they are still there and count because they are getting thousands of sales, that’s because they are valuable and needed including PowerPoint templates.

Etsy is an e-commerce website for handmade, crafts and digital products
Etsy is an e-commerce website for handmade, crafts and digital products

Etsy has a clean UX that is easy to explore with its menu you can find about any sort of product but it is somehow complicated regarding digital downloads like like templates.

It has beautiful and clean designs of PowerPoint slides that are professional, cheap and eye-catching. They have templates ranging between $3.00 to $21.00.

Because finding PowerPoint templates from the menu is not easy, use search with keyword “PowerPoint template” to find products related to that.

Etsy search keyword results
Etsy search keyword results

Searching on the website bring results with prices and ratings alongside the filter to help you being accurate with your needs.


One of the killer shopping platform for infographics related content and templates which you can guess through its name Infograpia.

As per its website has been trusted by world’s leading companies like; Google, Samsung, Disney, Uber and many more… which shows how class it is for you to trust its products.

Infograpia home page
Infograpia home page

Right now, Infograpia has a total of 1500 slides and 47 niches which is hard to miss out of all those niches. That is a good website to use if you want to look smart and professional with presentation.

Pricing Plan

Infograpia is a paid service, the prices are divided into 3 parts which are; Unlimited Access and two Team Unlimited Access prices as you can see below:

Infograpia Unlimited Access prices
Infograpia Unlimited Access prices

Pricing looks fair to me because collecting 3,000 icons can’t be easy for you but see what Infograpia does – You have 3,000 icons at your fingertips without designing or downloading one-by-one.

I would definitely recommend Infograpia too!


A totally free meal at Powerpointify, all slides and templates are free of charge. You have full access to 250+ PowerPoint templates as well you can give anyone access to your template by giving it up for free.

Powerpointify home page
Powerpointify home page

On this website anyone can submit a free template by the will, I think that’s how they reached a milestone (it’s a collection of PowerPoint templates).

This website has various templates according to niche like medical, education, business and many more… it gives an opportunity of broad selection because everyone finds his/her field in there.

To submit a PowerPoint template, you contact them!

24 Slides

Just like the above resources, 24 Slides is another PowerPoint templates service that performs well. On the websites there are thousands of slides found.

In 24 Slides, they design over 15,000 presentations a month within tons of industries… Wow! That’s outstanding, isn’t it?

24 Slides free templates are elegant.
24 Slides free templates are elegant.

In fact, I wasn’t supposed to mention 24 Slides as a resource of PowerPoint templates because it is a presentation design service, but it is a resource because you can find free templates on the website and has been trusted by leading companies.

All you need to do is to sign up in order to get those templates. By looking at the image above you can see that templates look professional and attractive.

I think that it’s even better if you don’t skip these beautiful slides, go with them.

Slide Hunter

If you are classic or have some vintage personality, Slide Hunter keeps you that way. They have simplified slides and also decent.

Slide Hunter Home page
Slide Hunter Home page

Even though designs are not that elegant but they ease the work and are clear not vague. All presentations from Slide Hunter are completely free (i.e. $0 and no credit card required).

They mainly focus on shapes, diagrams, slides, 3D and charts as the menu says. There is only one thing to do to have them, you create a free account.

Presentation Go

Presentation Go is where beautiful PowerPoint templates lie with more than 1250 high-quality presentations which are 100 % editable and free.

Presentation Go's Home Page
Presentation Go’s Home Page

Presantation Go’s templates range from following categories:

  • Themes and background.
  • Charts & diagrams.
  • Text & tables.
  • Timelines & planning
  • Maps and,
  • Graphics & metaphors.

Additional to the good work from this resource is that to get assets, you don’t even need to register or leave an email, but it’s a good habit to recognize their work by sharing, attribute or buy them a coffee because they sacrifice a lot.

Slide Team

Slide Team is a large agency that is dedicated to show and enhance how presentation looks like in professional industries by providing knowledge and materials regarding that.

Slide Team home Page
Slide Team home Page

This is what they say for themselves.

SlideTeam is a premier Research, Consulting and Design agency that develops and templatizes industry processes and best practices, frameworks and models across all industry and verticals to help customers present their strategies effectively and convincingly.

Slide Team

Addition to that, Slide Team has a heavy inventory where they have 1,000,000+ templates and counting with more than 100,000 topics related to those slides.

Pricing Plan

This website is subscription-based, you pay some price to have access to premium features and templates:

PackagePrice (in $)
Semi Annual149.99
Annual + Custom Design299.99
Team License599.99
Pricing plan from Slide Team

Even though Slide Team has paid services you don’t have to worry, it has free templates you can use if you aren’t able to afford pricing.

Slide Geeks

A very big templates resource, it also has more than 1 million templates you can browse through – That is Slide Geeks which has 3 offices worldwide (Singapore, New York and Silicon Valley).

Slide Geeks Home Page
Slide Geeks Home Page

This website has tons of various fields as you see them floating to the left as you can see in the image in which includes free templates.

For the pricing plan, Slide Geeks has the same pricing scheme as Slide Team except some minor changes. Here is the pricing scheme:

  • Monthly
  • Semi Annual
  • Annual and,
  • Team License


Showeet is another awesome resource for PowerPoint templates, which has a large audience and lovers where they 23,000 page likes on their official Facebook page.

Showeet Home Page
Showeet Home Page

It didn’t get all the likes for nothing because it deserves to be loved because of what they deliver. Showeet delivers high-quality templates that are free of charge and without additional requirements.

A good way of supporting Showeet
A good way of supporting Showeet

The only way they earn is you to grow them by sharing or buying them a coffee to avoid that they get thirst while doing this beautiful work.

Bonus resource

Slide Bazaar

I can’t end this article without telling another beautiful resource which is Slide Bazaar.

It is a resource with more than 3,000 slides and templates that are qualified for professional purposes like corporate and business presentations.

This is a paid service, but as always they left a good heart for those who cannot afford the prices where they provide free templates to download for free, it only requires registration or login. Try this bonus!


You should keep in mind that PowerPoint templates will save you time of preparing presentation from scratch and protect you from creating awful presentations that can take you out of position.

We have seen 15 PowerPoint templates resources that are best of the best, in which among them are Free, Freemium and others are Paid.

They all deserve to be used because they provide high-quality, elegant and professional products. I would sincerely advise everyone to consider templates rather than creating slides from scratch (This is a true professional attitude) which is an unnecessary risk to take while you have a pool of resources.

I would like to know if you have any other resource which you think is crucial but missing in the list? Drop it in the comment section below, it will be helpful!

Enjoy your success by being a professional presenter!

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