Be aware of top 5 things to do in Rwanda

Top 5 things to do in Rwanda

From nothing to something! Rwanda has came so far, where you couldn’t imagine but through hard work and determination Rwanda is everywhere.

There are uncountable things to do in Rwanda whether for business purpose, educational and recreational purpose it all depends on choice and interest.

Here is a number of things to do in Rwanda:

  1. Do business
  2. Do arts
  3. Study
  4. Travel
  5. Do charity work

All the above are the things that we are going to see in details and how you can enjoy the country to its full.

Do business

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If you didn’t know, Rwanda is the second country in Africa to ease business and investment activities after Mauritius. Wouldn’t that be a motivation to you? I think it would.

Rwanda is now showing capacity and potential mainly based on its skyrocketing economy worldwide, it is an investment magnet especially for foreign investors.

If you want to do something in Rwanda with prospective thoughts of earning while you’re still hanging around in Rwanda consider doing businesses like commerce, services and hospitality.

Caution: Don’t do it illegally!

Do Arts

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After all “Art is fun” which leads to enjoyment, Rwanda has hundreds of types of arts you can choose from. Look! In Rwanda there are numbers of Arts centers in each and every province.

Everywhere you can go you’ll get that sort of fun. To see what arts can be for example visit Inema Arts center‘s website and explore their gallery.

Another interesting fun about arts in Rwanda is traditional dance which is something like no other you’ve ever seen.

Traditional dance is one of the best things to do in Rwanda

Traditional dance of Rwanda is an heritage that has an exception, so it’s something you can have fun with.


If you like to learn things through education, then Rwanda has that opportunity whether it’s either formal education or other types of courses.

There are all types of institutions from nursery, kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions additionally, vocation centers that teach technical knowledge.

Institutions provide knowledge of different backgrounds, hence it would be up to you to choose and all degrees are available in Rwanda.

What to study in Rwanda

Here are some of degrees that you can obtain from Rwandan tertiary education institutions:

  • High School Diploma
  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s of Arts degree ( Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor’s of Business Administration, Bachelor’s of Law, Bachelor’s of Applied sciences)
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD degree

Then in the things to do in Rwanda include studying if you like it.


Among things to do in Rwanda includes Travel
Among things to do in Rwanda includes Travel – Image by Nziza Safaris

When everyone says tourism and travel topics nowadays, there’s a bet that Rwanda could make the list because travelling and tourism make a large portion of things to do in Rwanda.

Since the establishment of Visit Rwanda as a program and an agency for tourism services, stunning beauty of Rwanda has been popular all over the world.

Rwanda is full of destinations you can enjoy to visit, according to Visit Rwanda; here is the list of cities you can stop by in your first days in the country:

Touristic cities of Rwanda
Touristic cities of RwandaSource

Touristic places of Rwanda are mainly composed of parks and museums. Also, there are other wonderful things you can find beyond that like beaches and recreation areas.

Parks in Rwanda:

  • Nyungwe National Park where you find wonderful species of animals and a canopy walk.
  • Volcanoes national park – a beautiful scenery of chains of volcanoes with mountain gorillas and monkeys.
  • Akagera National Park – A diverse environment for animals and other marvelous creatures.

Museums in Rwanda:

  • King’s Palace: Like any other country, culture and heritage are precious things to keep safe as a never-dying memory.
  • Ethnographic Museum: What was early Rwanda like? Know everything about materials and artifacts
  • Richard Kandt’s Museum: Is a museum that comprises so many things and aspects regarding the history of Rwanda.

There are other parks and areas that marks the beauty of Rwanda. I have done a little adventure when I was studying in Musanze which is one of the best touristic areas of this country.

I can be a testimony of the beauty holds.

Do charity works and volunteerism

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Other good things to do in Rwanda includes Charity work. If you like to volunteer or charity works during your free time, don’t hesitate to do that you’ll gain an indispensable experience.

There are numerous organizations in the country that you can lend a hand, to be sure of who need support you can find them on platforms like Volunteer Match and Givingway.


CAUTION: Be aware that all activities discussed above have or are subjected to changes in some ways due to COVID-19. Remember to follow guidelines of health facility to reduce or contain the risks of infection.

There are plenty of things to do in Rwanda, whether a traveler or business person. We have seen that it is a business environment that can give you an opportunity to develop a business.

On the other side, fun is unlimited in Rwanda combined with a favorable environment and security.

Are you interested of seeing how Rwanda is like? What things make you curious of coming to Rwanda?

Share with us your opinion in the comment section below, we would like to hear from you.

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