What you can do with Camtasia (Best 6 things you probably didn’t know)

Things you can do with Camtasia

Do you sometimes tell yourself that Camtasia is single use software? Or you think that it is made for one purpose (maybe because of what you do with it)? If you think so, you’re wrong (no offense) if you don’t think so, buy yourself a drink!

Camtasia has ability to do different creative things either for educational and creativity purposes like creating educational videos and other visual stuffs other than that.

It is way dope than you can think of, moreover it can do all those functions in a satisfying way. This is not just things that I take anyway else and tell you, I have tested them myself.

I can say that it is an integration of more than one tool.

Is it your first time to hear a Camtasia thing? No problem, let me help you out! Let’s take a simple shot on software’s background that you need to know.

What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a software developed by TechSmith, a leading company that specialized in digital education tools specifically screen recording software.

It has found its way out 17 years ago (2002), which seems to be an experienced software after all.

Now Camtasia has tons of users who depend on it, even use it to make a living because of what it does. I myself use it sometimes for some videos and instructions.

6 uses of TechSmith’s Camtasia.

As I said you might know how to use this software for one purpose but this software is even better than that,

Maybe you didn’t take time to learn other things far from what you know is sufficient to you, but a software is a large thing that hides things even the develop would never think the users would do with it.

Like I said for example I use Adobe XD to design my blog banners despite that it’s supposed for wireframe and UI design, but if it does work for other things that’s not a wrongdoing.

Actually, it is a multipurpose software that can do more than one thing.

Here are the things you can do with Camtasia,

  • Make an instruction video
  • Video editing
  • Lyric video
  • Karaoke video
  • Interactive education

Let’s get started;

1. Make an instruction video

Camtasia can make Instruction video
In Camtasia, you can make Instruction video

An instruction video is a video that works like a guide to people to be able to do a certain thing the right way, the other way is called a tutorial.

With tons of functionalities in Camtasia you can do any gesture you want to bring the best experience to one who is watching a video.

Some of the best functionalities includes signs like zooming a certain part of object, mouse hover effects to show a click, or animated circle highlight and more.

Most of YouTubers and educative channels on YouTube use this software. Over 14 million users (and institutions) use it.

2. Video editing and creation

You can make video edit
In Camtasia, You can edit a video

This software is dope because it can do a video tweak to make it professional in some case, it can be used to create a video that is professional.

It has a built-in video editor, not as strong as other videos dedicated to create videos like Premier Pro but it has ability to cut video and create and even make a capacity of creating adjusting color.

It also has a built-in audio recorder which you can use in case you need to make a voice over of your project, either a course or tutorial.

However, keep in mind that the color adjustments included in the software are not that advanced to create a high-level professional video.

3. Lyric video creation

You can make Lyric video
In Camtasia, You can make Lyric video

This is not something people do with Camtasia but it is 100% possible to do, and the best in that is how effortless it is.

It is true, you can create a lyric video with it, because it supports audio, text and timeline that’s as simple as stinging a needle in a tomato. Isn’t it?

Even though most people who create lyrics videos are aware of advanced software. Then, if you want to create it for yourself or maybe don’t want to stress yourself learning a new software.

Then, this software can be a lyric video creator!

I also have done so many people lyrics with it, it couldn’t take me longer than two hours (maximum) to deliver a lyric to them.

This is time saving and accurate in a way you can’t imagine.

4. Karaoke video creation

You can create karaoke video
You can create karaoke video

Believe it or not, it is very possible and very easy (As per my experience) you can make people sing along with songs and instrumentals.

I remember that when I wanted to learn how to create karaoke videos, I directed my help to YouTube but always results returned same thing (Adobe AE, Sony Vegas and Premier Pro, …) and you know what?! No Camtasia.

I didn’t want something that requires high learning curve, that’s when I discovered that Camtasia can also do that. If you want to learn how you to do that, let me know (in comment section).

I don’t think that most of the people are aware that Camtasia can do this type of thing.

5. Remote Interactive education

It also creates interactive video
It also creates interactive video

When I say interactive education, I mean where a learner can interact with the course by taking a specific part within that course or guide.

Let’s say for example, if you are learning and in the middle of the course comes a test your understanding section; that’s an interactive education.

The special thing about Camtasia is that, you actually can embed a working or quiz in the middle of video as well as special notes that need attention or additional points you didn’t include in video.

Especially on online platforms you can do that if you want to know if a learner has captured something from that course.

6. ScreenCasting or screen recording

You can also record your screen
You can also record your screen

With the hit of COVID-19 pandemic, most of institutions took their offices to their homes for the sake of containing this contagion.

It looks like the frequency of face-to-face contact is little, most services have to be provided remotely (unless the ones impossible to get).

In the meantime, learning and presentations have continued – thanks to eLearning system.

Camtasia can take a part if there is something that has to do with a guidance that you want to give regarding something in your computer because of screen recording feature.

With screen recording you capture activities that you do in your screen with tools like this. That’s among best things that make this software, it is an integration of more than one tool.

A take away

Finally, we reach out to conclusion but let’s see in short the course of this article so that we can grab a take away.

After the above 6 things that we discussed about, I can conclude that Camtasia is sophisticated software. It is very important to both creative and academic or learning field personalities.

We have seen how it is integrated with more than one tools including a screen recorder, audio recorder and a video editor. Wow! Impressive, isn’t it?

Also, with Camtasia it is possible to create interactive video that includes thing like notes and quizzes which eases the communication to the ones concerned (learners).

It is time for to try all the tricks if you like them, I know you will like what you have missed in this beautiful software!

How many of these 6 things did you know? What other things do you know about Camtasia?

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