Does Documents by Readdle offer a free VPN in iPhone?

Does Documents by Readdle give you a free VPN?

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You come here because you wanted to know if the app gives you a free VPN for life! Right?

The answer is yes! Documents by Readdle (simply Documents) offers a free VPN which is renewable everyday.

But, you can stick with us there is so much you need to know.

September and October have been months of brand new things related to Apple with a release of brand new iOS version 14 which came with a correction to version 13 and a release of iPhone 12.

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One of iPhone popular apps dropped out a killer feature which I think means so much to many people. The app released VPN feature.

Through Raddle’s blog is where I found out the update in the app after a warm welcome reminding me features of new iOS version.

Let’s first of all remind ourselves the basics.

How Does Documents by Readdle work in iPhone?

Documents is developed by Readdle of course which is a file manager that offers so many cool features.

The app has almost everything you could ever need to use in productivity, like documents reader (PDF, Excel, Word and Books)

It also has both media players (audio and video) which works well! It has a built-in browser, and the app enables you to download things from the internet easily unlike iPhone’s default apps (which is hard).

And now they bring a VPN, a giant kudos to you Readdle!

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What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a service that enable users (of devices) to change their internet from one location to another virtually and also providing security to their data.

If you want to surf privately then adopt the VPN technique.


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What does the App offers in the feature?

Documents by Readdle offers VPN with free plan but with limited data / Source: Readdle

What should be our impression in using this feature instead of other free VPN services like VPN 360 or Free VPN? Of course there is something good in having this feature.

There is a good thing about this; you have two things in one. You won’t need to install another app for that. However, this VPN offers you 50 MBs of VPN a day in a free plan… No trials! but they also have a paid version.

The good news is, this work across all apps it’s made for phone not app.

Time to enjoy a free surf then. Do you think documents by Readdle’s VPN can replace other services you were using? Why and Why not?

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