4 Free Christmas apps for iPhone

While preparing for Christmas to come, I have made a collection of 4 Christmas apps that can help prepare well for this single day event you will see again in the next year.

Most of us are counting days to nails while still thinking about where to pass the Christmas holidays, the gifts for our children. This should not be a day to waste as it comes once a year; just prepare this day and avoid being late.

Everyone has now started to think about Santa and his reindeer, especially parents want their children to be happy as well kids want to see what Santa has got for them.

This collection is for iPhone users, if you are not an android user maybe try to search other apps related to the ones mentioned.

The collection of apps will help you to better plan how your Christmas day can be like without waiting for Christmas eve, let’s create a Christmas tree of apps.

4 Christmas apps to have very soon

I assure you that all apps in here can be found in App Store no tweaks or third party tools to be used to get them. So they all are trustworthy for installation.

Where is Santa Lite

Santa is coming to you! This is an app that helps you to track Santa along the way, it tracks Santa’s moves from time to time (every minute).

Where is Santa Is among best Christmas apps
Where is Santa Is among best Christmas apps

The app has a world map and two icons, that’s all. The icons are Where is Santa and My Home which work as follow:

  • Where is Santa helps you to track his location.
  • My home helps to know the time remaining until he reaches you.
The menu of Where is Santa
The menu of Where is Santa

As the app says, they have radars that show his location. What do you do to know where he is located? The app has a way of finding out where, all you do is to initiate a scan that will tell where he is located and sometimes what he’s doing.

Ratings on App Store:

  • Rating (1.3K):

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Developer:

Super Kiddo studio

Christmas count down

Christmas count down counts down till Christmas day
Christmas count down counts down till Christmas day

This is another cool app among Christmas apps, it has so many things I like about it at the same time funny because of some of the features. It is a star that leads to joy.

As the name says, it is a count down app. It shows time remaining until Christmas day but what makes it funny is the ways it uses to count.

You can for example count by sleeps (i.e. how many sleeps remaining until Christmas).

Here is a list of ways you can the time remaining:

  • All: This shows all the time which is DHMS (Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds)
  • Weeks: Number of weeks remaining.
  • Sleeps: How many sleeps you can have before the day.
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Heartbeats and Breaths

This is so much fun. Isn’t it? Oh! The other very entertaining thing about this app is that it has a music player of Christmas songs.

Ratings on App Store:

  • Rating (52K):

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Developer:

Jack McLean

Snowboard Party

Snowboard Party looks is a game you can play during holidays
Snowboard Party looks is a game you can play during holidays

One of the best things that make the best out of Christmas is fun! I swear to you that if you don’t make fun in Christmas, you don’t enjoy it.

Snowboard Party is a mobile game of snowboarders in snow. What made me choose this app is that it helps you feel the Christmas because of the environment in the game.

Moreover, there is a fact that nowadays snow and Christmas are going hand in hand. When someone talks about snow there’s a chance of stimulating the thoughts about Christmas.

One of the things we like do on every Christmas is to play games, cook and some time plan trips and adventures because for me this is one of the best times people could meet with their families.

Why can’t you make contest of this game for the sake of whoever wins gets a gift from another, that’s another way of having fun!

Ratings in App Store:

  • Rating (2.7K):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Developer:

Maple Media Holding, LLC.

Christmas Radio+

Screenshot of Christmas Radio+
Screenshot of Christmas Radio+

The best for Christmas songs lovers, it comprises thousands and thousands of radio stations that play beautiful songs sang specifically for the season (of Christmas).

The best thing about this app is that you can be able to know the names of the artist, album and song of the song that is being played.

Ratings on App Store:

  • Rating (1.7K):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Developer:

Nick Culbertson

A Final word

As you keep on preparing for Christmas it is better you have some apps in your phone to keep you prepared for that! For example having tracking and timing apps is such helpful to be able to stay up to date.

With these Christmas apps, Now you have an endless source of Christmas musics to listen to with you family, a Santa tracking app, a count down app and a game.

It’s time to get ready to enjoy Merry Christmas holidays and of course the new year of 2021.

Did you find any interesting app? Do you think I forget to mention? Let’s share ideas in the comment section below.

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