RecordCast: Free online screen recorder [No installation required]

RecordCast screen recorder

Is there a time you get bored due to a bad presentation not because of bad presenter but because of tools used? Recently I found a tool called RecordCast and we are going to see what is capable of by making an ultimate review.

You know that nowadays things are changing each and every second especially in a digital sphere.

In every situation, believe it or not whom has prepared things well always wins , that’s a reality that can’t be denied. In a tender, a business with good portfolio is always convincing and is more likely to win.

What do you think can get you to the top if you don’t prove to be worthy it? Present yourself, present not only different things but also in a different way.

Within presentation, the tools you use or have used determine how much attention your presentation will get before the audience you’re presenting to.

Today I’m going to base things on screencasting, one of popular and modern ways that are being used in presentations and tutorials.

Without further ado, let’s see why we are here.

I am going to share a review of a tool I lastly have tested and made some researches about it. It is called “RECORDCAST”.

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What is screencasting?

As per Wikipedia, screencasting is a digital recording of computer screen sometimes also referred to screen recording. Screen recording generates a video from things a user has done within the computer.

Nowadays, screencasting has been a popular thing due to the change of nature of working conditions and some companies have adopted modern ways of operating.

For example in education of higher institutions this technique is used mainly for remote students who are not likely to meet their tutors in person.

Where can screencasting be used?

Screencast can be used in various activities, but often used in business, education and tutorials. Right now, most people are working remotely where they don’t have any sort of way to reach their physical offices, this tool is basically a choice of doing things like those.


The integration videos in classrooms and use of eLearning system during this pandemic (COVID-19) time video is among useful ways of providing courses to students.

From Livestream’s statistics through cisco findings, 86% of universities are present on YouTube while 77% of universities offer online courses. That requires both video editing and screencasting tools.

An example, a teacher can create a video that shows how she/he does different codings in a programming course in Visual Studio Code because he/she will be able to record an app window, this will help students to understand better the course.

YouTube video/tutorial

Now YouTube is a making people who have something to offer earn money but people with best strategies are earning more than money but are also building businesses and brands.

As I said in our Camtasia post, you can share knowledge through RecordCast by showing every step that you are doing on screen instead of using a camera outside the computer (which is not a professional way) and record screen.

What is this RecordCast screen recorder

RecordCast screen recorder home page
RecordCast screen recorder home page

RecordCast is an online screen recording tool that is used to record screens of computer in different ways.

When you open this software you will see a screen like this, simply this is the home page of the tool where they introduce you to the tool.

Again, this tool is 100% web-based. you don’t need to install it in your computer or host it anywhere just visit their site and start working on your projects.

Let’s see the merits and demerits.

Merits of RecordCast

The tool has some characteristics that might attract you to use it, here are one I thing are strong enough to convince someone to use it.

100% free to use

So many YouTubers, techers and other digital content creators sometimes encounter the problem of finding free tools to help them carry on their work mainly due to lack of financial capacity of purchasing the tools.

Other tools might let you use their features but limit for others but RecordCast doesn’t require any cost of using any of its features, feel free to work on your projects.

They will tell you that no credit card required, hence no payment required.

No installation required

Why flooding your computer with software? I always prefer web-hosted tools for the sake of reducing the load that my computer can carry and I also hate a slow computer (which happens when you install so many software).

RecordCast is totally different on this, you don’t need a setup or what; a crucial thing you only need to be able to use it is the link to the website.

When you open the website a start recording red button welcomes you immediately to make you assured.

Built-in Video Editor

I liked how this tool has made things very simple and handy to handle. Unlike other software, I found this RecordCast’s feature as killing two birds with one stone! How?

This is a screencasting tool but it has solved two problems at the same time because it has both a screen recorder and a video editor. Instead of downloading a video and edit it in a separate tool, you do it straight into the tool.

Video Editor

Register or not, it is all in your right

It doesn’t force you in anyway regarding creation of an account of using this tool, you can choose both using it as a guest or a member which gives you more than one option.

The bad thing in working as a guest is that there is no guarantee of the website to keep your works for future, your files expire at sometime while being a member you can keep your files on their cloud storage.

You can sign up with different clients; Email, Facebook or Google it all depends on your preference.

Short running curve

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this tool is for everyone, because it is easy for both to learn and to use regardless any level of knowledge.

It took me only one (1) day to understand how it works but still I am an intermediate in understanding video and audio editors.

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Demerits of RecordCast

Despite the goodness of the tool, there things I think the developers should think about the next time:

Limited space

This web-app is fast and easy to learn or it is free to use are the things that is better at, but there is a limited space for your projects, only 8 slots available to be handled by this tool.

This implies that if you have a a large number of content, you can exhaust the space in no time however the problem doesn’t concern the user instead the developer who left scant storage for projects.

Limited recording time

Another drawback is limited time. It only allows you to record a video of length less that 10 minutes. For classes or tutorials less than that length would require merging maneuvers.

This also could be another problem that has relationship with the limited space, because the more the lengthy is a video the more it is likely to create other parts hence space exhaustion.

How to record a video in RecordCast without account

It’s totally easy to record a screen in the tool, let’s see what you have to do record your first video. The good thing is that it is a very easy process, no requirements of experience in video editing.

  • Click the record button: Clicking the red button is a starting point to record your screen
  • Select audio recording method: While recording the screen, you can choose various ways of recording your screen, either by recording your own audio source like voice, system audio like clicks and other voice from your computer or no audio record at all, and then hit the red circle button to start recording.
Different methods of Recording an audio in RecordCast
Different methods of Recording an audio in RecordCast

When you start recording there are few things you should do and others you should accept, you know that browsers have permissions restrictions to avoid privacy policy violation. That’s why you have to grant permission of microphone to the website.

  • Choose what to record: RecordCast use the term sharing for recording, because that is being shared with them for record access. There are three modes of screen recording.
    • Recording entire screen: Here the app shares everything visible in the screen, it want choose in other words it is unlimited.
    • Recording Application window: This mode is different from entire screen because here the recorder is limited to windows of software opened in computer which means it (app) can’t for example record desktop or start menu and so on.
    • Recording browser tab: This last option is more tightened than the others above. Not only that you can’t be able to record the applications but also in this mode you can record one single tab in the browser.
Choose to record the entire screen
Choose to record the entire screen

You see that on recording the entire screen you get only one choice of screen, because you record the whole computer but still they let you choose.

Recording an Application window
Recording an Application window

In the images, folders and browsers or other software are taken as application windows so that you can be able to choose among them.

Recording only a single tab of browser
Recording only a single tab of browser

After selecting a mode, it’s time to start recording. You will click share but in some cases you might go back to the tool tab and enable system recording permission by clicking on a red “Continue button” in case you didn’t share audio (refer to the image above).

Enable the system recording permission
Enable the system recording permission

Here is how you you can record your screen in few steps moreover as a guest without any payment or registration. Then, how does it go to record screen when you created an account on RecordCast?

There are slight few changes which change but most of the steps are similar at some point.

How to record screen with an account

Once you finish to create an account on RecordCast, you will immediately see a dashboard with three main components; Create by Record, Create a Video and My Projects like this:

The dashboard of registered use

The best thing about the dashboard is how it is easy to understand even for persons who are absolute beginners who know nothing about screen recorders and media editors.

When you want to start to record you click on “Create by Record” and it takes you to choose an audio method and follow all other steps we have taken above.

You can also edit videos the same way as guests.


We have seen that RecordCast is a free tool for screencasting (or screen recording) which can be used for business and education purposes as well as tutorials.

Addition to that it is a web-hosted tool thus no installation required as other software do, it is not a burden of making the computer slow.

You can also use this tool as a guest or as registered user which is a best thing to be able to save your projects on cloud, it depends on the will.

We have seen how good is RecordCast with its qualities to the user including being free for life, built-in video editor and so many other features. On the other hand, RecordCast seems to have insufficient storage which might limit users with numerous content creation.

After all, I should conclude with a rating of the tool:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4/5

Thank you for following along with this review! Do you think RecordCast is a game changer based on this comprehensive review?

Are you considering it to be among the tools you start to use right now? Let’s share our thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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