Don’t put money in a wallet: How I keep my money.

Don't put your money in a wallet

No habit that comes randomly, it all happen for a cause this is the same for me. I thought that it would be good if I share this with you.

To be honest, I don’t like the it because I have both a bad experience about putting money in a wallet.

Nowadays technology is taking over, where people are in no need to go with those money papers in bags and wallets. But look, don’t trust technology always they are machines at any time they will deceive you and leave you very frustrated to death.

That’s where emergency cash comes in, the majority of men prefer to use wallets as their cash holders.

What I’m trying to say is not radically a wallet, but I mean all small cases that are meant to handle small stuffs like purses and so forth. If you hear me using the word, know what I mean in your case.

I want to show you how not good it can be to keep money in a wallet and show you the good way to keep your money in a hand and safely.

Don’t expose yourself.

Nowhere in this world theft doesn’t seem to exist, that’s why the Guinness Book of World records holds a record for itself.

Here is the logic, whenever you take money with you in a wallet is an exposure to a big theft since thieves target it and phone, they are valuable things that can be easily detached to the owner without even knowing.

Channel Pro Network claims that nearly 70 million of phones are lost every year, which I think is somehow related to a survey made by MoneyTips from 509 respondents where 62% of respondents have admitted that they either lost or has their money holders stolen.

This type of theft tends to succeed mostly for experienced thieves. I remember my first day going to Uni, I had $60 in my wallet to use for setting up my life in the campus that was all I got, and suddenly I felt a hand in my pocket.

Truly my heart jumped over me, fortunately I immediately put a hand on my pocket which prevented the thief to steal from me. From then, I didn’t ever put money in my wallet.

You can’t find your it.

There is something I realized from my experience and conversations with victims of wallet theft.

If your wallet contains some money is lost or stolen, there is a very little to no chance of finding it because no one wants to be suspected by giving it back when it was full of money, hence you can suffer from side effects of losing other important stuffs like IDs, Bank Cards and much more.

I once has been a victim of wallet loss, when I used my bus transport card(Which always belongs there) and you know what happened? I put it into my pocket lightly, when I got out of the bus it was left in the seat.

I didn’t know that but something saved me I know that, I only had $1 in there. In that time, randomly someone called my brother and we went and picked it. The same situation happened to a friend who had $200, but he didn’t ever find any information.

The same can happen if a thief steals from you and finds nothing, he/she can drop the wallet in a public place where probably someone can find it or in a dump maybe, but if you have money there is no chance.

Wallet in a pocket

Going with money in a wallet is a big burden.

How do you feel when you have $500 cash with you? Maybe comfortable, maybe very uncomfortable depending on the way you keep it. But how about $200 in your back open pocket? Totally uncomfortable for me, I can’t even try it.

When you have big amount of cash is somehow insecure but keeping it into a wallet is totally not good.

I agree that getting one is good hence it seems to keep things organized in the pocket, however if you put money in there you’re in a risk especially going into public places like bus or train stations.

Take your money in this way.

If in any ways you want to have a cash at hand in your journey, then there is a better way you can do this that is less risky than putting all money in a wallet or purse.

It also reduces that big loss in case you

Propagate your money, to be used near

Here is what you need to do; put all your money in separate locations. Let’s say you have $150 dollars and you want carry it in cash what you have to do is this.

If I have that amount of money, this is what I do

How much to keep ($150)Where to keep
$30Right Pocket
$30Left Pocket
$40Inside the backpack
$25Coat inner pocket
How you can propagate your money.

See! There I have money in the wallet but there is no chance that I can lose all the money in one coup, then this seems to be safe.

Unusual places

Another technique is to keep money where anyone can not think of, for example you can put some money in a sock. In this case it is even hard for you to lose it or a thief to steal.

Wrap up

My advice for you is to keep you money away from a wallet, it might result in an easy loss(If you have checked the stats above).

However, if you want to keep money in there make sure there is enough security for you because a wallet is an easy to steal stuff for example keep it in a pocket with button or put it inside the bag.

If you put it in an open pocket especially from the back you might lose it or be stolen.

How do you keep your cash? How do you keep a wallet with money? Let’s discuss in the comment.

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  1. To be honest I very rarely carry cash! If I do, it’s only about £30 maximum, so I don’t get too fussy about keeping it in my purse. If I am on holiday abroad I will take cash though, and in that case I might do as you say and split it up, or I might keep it in a zip pocket inside my bag where it is tricky to grab. I would also on holiday leave most of my cash in a safe place at the hotel and only take what I would need for the day. I’m fortunate in that I have never been pickpocketed, but I have lost a purse (much like your wallet situation, except I didn’t get it back), so I am careful now about what I carry.

    1. That’s what I do either I often take $20-25. Since that time of losing my wallet, I decided to leave my wallet full of those things other than money because the odds are for not having it rather than having in the wallet, But when it is necessary like going to make a deposit or in exchange cases I try to use the techniques.

  2. such an informative post! Busy places have always been daunting for me because of the likelihood of something getting taken. Splitting up your money is such a good (and wise) idea.

    1. Yes Sophia, it really works. Let’s say that you can lose one portion but not others, that’s what makes it very good.

  3. Ha ha ha!!!
    I like to hide monies in pockets as you taught.Some people can also go cashless.
    Thanks for the share!

  4. I’ve never owned a wallet, let alone carry one at the back of my pocket. That’s like telling pickpockets, “please pick my wallet!”