Does Microsoft Clarity have a mobile app?

We all are waiting for Microsoft Clarity App

Few days ago, Microsoft entered the metrics game with Microsoft Clarity which can be seen as an alternative to Google Analytics.

As this tool seems to be a contender of Google analytics (which now has its new version [4]). What I can bet for, soon people will start to wonder if this tool has brought any mobile version too. Let me answer this question!

Microsoft Clarity App now is not available and doesn’t exist, it is only a web version. But You should not get discouraged by this, let me show you why!

A mobile app is a necessity

Look, nowadays we don’t want to struggle with so much more and also we don’t have time for being on desktop every time, what if I am at a bus stop or walking on the streets. I can’t open a laptop, no way!

In these times many of us touch on laptops when we are at the offices and sometimes home else smartphone is an invaluable partner in our daily activities and people are acquainted to that.

If you want to satisfy users then make them happy!

Well, how is an app important? Studies have shown that mobile users spend 90% of the time on apps. This is the time for every industry to start thinking of getting a mobile app, right?

Then, let’s dive in details of this tool!

What is Microsoft Clarity?

What is Microsoft Clarity?
What is Microsoft Clarity?

This tool is a web traffic or user behavior tracker developed by Microsoft Corporation as a sidekick of Bing webmasters (Just like Search Console and Analytics in Google).

It helps websites and blogs owners to know how users have been behaving and interacting with the site and content within various aspects.

Microsoft Clarity can show you the following data:

  • Sessions (both Total sessions and Distinct users)
  • Pages per session
  • Average Scroll Depth
  • Engagement
  • Dead Clicks
  • Rage clicks
  • Quick Backs
  • Popular pages
  • Referrers
  • JavaScript errors
  • Browsers
  • Devices
  • Operating systems and
  • Countries/location

Those elements are the benefits of what a user (website owner) will get from this tool. Moreover there is an option of heatmaps that enable you to view more details.

Why isn’t there a mobile app?

This is a question anyone else can ask him/herself, if apps make life easy why this tool didn’t come with mobile apps (either Android or Apple or at least one of them)?

There is no clear answer to this question, but a probable answer to this, is that since this tool is new it won’t be a good idea to come together with everything; then, it might take sometime to get a mobile version of it.

Another surprise for Microsoft Clarity is that it can’t display data on mobile phone’s browser either.

This is what you get when you try to open it in Phone's browser
This is what you get when you try to open it in Phone’s browser

The above image clarifies that it is not yet made for small devices it only works with desktop. If you liked how it works you will in any means open your desktop to view data.

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How to set it up

Not that hard, it is just like any tracking tool like you would do for Adsense, Analytics or Tag Manager. There are very few steps to follow to start using Microsoft Clarity.

Step 1: Go to the tool’s website

As I said, MS(Microsoft) Clarity is web hosted then to access it you have to go to its web address before getting started with your work.

MS Clarity Homepage
MS Clarity Homepage

Step 2: Get Started

On home page you have two buttons Get Started if it’s your first time or in the top right corner of your screen choose Sign In if you already have an account.

However if you’ve not yet decided whether you can use it or not, they have a Demo of how the analytics dashboard looks like.

Microsoft Clarity Demo
Microsoft Clarity Demo

When you click get started will be asked to choose a method to use between:

  • Microsoft Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Google Account

Step 3: Create a project

It’s time to create a new project for your website or blog like you register a property in Google analytics to start. You have to fill in very few information.

  • Project name (Either website, blog or company name)
  • Website to monitor
  • A category, in category they have various of them.
Create a new project of website or blog
Create a new project of website or blog

Step 4: Setup

Next part is to add codes into you website to be able to start see some data and recordings.

Where does the codes go? The codes go between the opening and closing head tags. Fortunately, it has more than one option of adding the codes other than copy and paste.

You can even integrate Microsoft Clarity with Google Analytics which Microsoft says that it’s good because it can link sessions to help you assess deeply the situation of users.

A big problem

There is a change that this tool is not going to be used by many due to its inability to cope up with mobile technology.

Now, mobile dominates traffic (web) by 52.6 of worldwide traffic which might hit the tool’s popularity. That’s the problem it will face in early days.

This share (of mobile) is passing through their hands, but Google have solved everything from their end regarding accessing Google Analytics on different screens.


We have seen how Microsoft Clarity could be a good alternative to Analytics by Google or used hand in hand (which is advisable) to help you collect more data from different sources. This will help you to capture more user behaviors than when using one of the two or other webmasters.

It is true Microsoft Clarity doesn’t have a mobile App. The problem here is that it doesn’t have a mobile version either for web or as an application, which will result in pain points to users.

Not only that but also its popularity will drown as some people won’t be able to access it from the most popular device.

However it is not bad after all the best things it has instead you can use it in your favor. I liked the interface with additional features to explain in detail the data either with number or heatmaps feature.

I hope as the tool progresses this will come in upgrades of the future.

Do you also see absence of mobile version in this new tool as a problem? You can share with us what you think in the comment below.

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