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Best blog app for iPhone? So many people say that blogging is dead and no one is ever starting a successful blog but I can assure you that this is not true and it won’t ever be because people want to read and gain information. Blogging is there and it is still beneficial on both ends.

There is an app that can help you do your blog work at anytime and anywhere, that’s how you become smart with blogging. WordPress app; the best blog app for iPhone, I can tell you that it’s the greatest of App Store in content management and creation.

Did you know that right now the users of smartphones are used by 3.5 billions, this is becoming an operational device to many people as well the number of apps are growing proportionally. Content creators included!

By the end of 2020, smartphone users are going to be 3.5 billions
By the end of 2020, smartphone users are going to be 3.5 billions

We are going to install it, and setting it up so that we end up having a ready to use app in the phone. For android users set up is similar you can follow up with this and get the same result.

What makes WordPress app the best?

Great question… WordPress is an app that allows you to manage, create and put your site to order within your iPhone or iPad, there are no more worries and struggles of using a laptop – the app is doing this for you.

You can do different things because this app is way better than browser website of phone or desktop, you can do things like adding media, writing blog posts, manage plugins and so much more.

Using the website is possible however it doesn’t provide a good experience which but the app has an appealing user interface that is easy to use.

You can manage a WordPress blog on the go.
You can control WordPress blog on the go

Simply, you miss nothing. Moreover, this app updates its versions regularly, always updates come with new good features. What we are going to see now, is how to use the app in your favor and improve the productivity.

Why blog?

You can ask yourself, “why use blog? Is it for blogs only? To be clear of why I used a word blog instead of website as general is this; This is what happens when you search “WordPress.org” in Google search:

WordPress CMS dominates the search
WordPress CMS dominates the search

Even if you write “WordPress” only, you wouldn’t miss a word BLOG in the results. Most of the companies and business entities are adopting the use use of blogs as mode of business growth.

Through WordPress, Hosting Tribunal claims that WordPress users produce about 70.5 million new posts and 52.1 million new comments each month.

WordPress gets millions of posts and comments
It gets millions of posts and comments

This provides a clear understanding about the frequency of blogs on this CMS, no doubt that blog are majority.

Requirements of using WordPress App on iPhone

There are no special requirements needed to be able to run this app, here is a list of things you need to do to run the app.

  • A domain name of course, before getting website, you can purchase a cheap domain on NameSilo.com.
  • A WordPress blog that’s already running.
  • An iPhone mobile phone with space (Also available on Android).
  • An internet connection.
  • A WordPress’s Jetpack account.

How to setup Jetpack

Jetpack itself is a tool by WordPress that helps to secure, speed and grow your site it works both on WordPress.org and WordPress.com sites and blogs.

To go on with it you need a WordPress.com account even if you have a WordPress.org website.

Add Jetpack plugin to your website

The installation process is the same for this plugin, nothing special you need to do before setting it app. Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for “Jetpack” > Choose “Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth”.

After that, click Install now then Activate the Plugin.

Jetpack plugin installation
Select plugins in WP Menu
Search Plugin
Install a plugin

Now, it’s time to set it up!

Set up Jetpack

After the whole installation, we need to install this tool to keeping going with the app.

I have found that there are regions where Jetpack’s site doesn’t work, so what you need is to install a VPN to be able to access the website.

Click on on the on it below the Dashboard, you will see a big banner telling you to set up Jetpack, telling info regarding the tool. click on the button to start the process.

Start to Set up Jetpack by Clicking to the blue button
Set up Jetpack by Clicking to the blue button

After clicking the blue button you will be taken to creating a WordPress.com account for the site to enable them to collect the data, but if you already have an account you can sign in.

Unfortunately I realized that accounts with websites already connected to it doesn’t seem to work, it returns a connection error.

The better is to use an account that is flesh without any connected domain, which might be better for that domain.

Jetpack’s Web Dashboard

You can see that after sign up/in we have a dashboard that shows the performance of your web.

A side bar has different features that you can use to tweak some settings in the dashboard(even though I don’t use all of them).

WordPress, Jetpack dashboard for web
WordPress Jetpack dashboard for web

You see that it has a clean and easy to read dashboard, but this is not what you want to get, it is still a bit hard to monitor your web anytime.

You need to be able to monitor your blog wherever which is not possible for laptop and mobile browser(Safari or Chrome), however it is super easy to drive everything on app.

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Best blog app for iPhone comes in!

Yes! A best app for bloggers. WordPress app seems to be very accurate and comfortable to the user with almost every feature of the web version.

Let’s see the steps you take in order to install this marvelous app.

How to get WordPress App

Like other apps, WordPress can be found in iPhone’s App Store. All you need to do is to search its name, it comes on the first place.

It has the following specifications:

  • Developer: Automattic.
  • Ranking: #183 in Productivity apps.
  • Rates: It has a 4.7/5 star ratings and reviews of 20,604 rates.
  • Languages: Compatible with English and other 29 languages.
  • Size: It has a size of 128.1 MB.
WordPress - the best blog app for iPhone's in App Store
WordPress in App Store

Install it within your phone. After installation, it is time to set it up so that it starts to show you blog’s data.

Let’s tart by adding our account to the WordPress.com, but before that you will see a welcome screen that tells you more about the app.

Welcome screen
Welcome screen
Login screen
Login screen

On the welcome screen you can choose to go with your own site or use WordPress.com hosted website.

Because in our case we are using Jetpack, hence we have to go on with WordPress. Again, don’t worry because you have self-hosted version it will still work.

After that, you will be forwarded to the login screen where there are various options to choose from. You can sign with Google, Apple ID or your personal email(As per image above).

Then, you will verify if the property on your account matches yours, then Voilà you are all set up.

Here comes the part that makes me say that WordPress is the best app for iPhone even on Android.

Exploring the WordPress App

With all setups that we have done and everything we did, this is where we are going to see full components of the app.

The home screen

This is a hub of every functionality of WordPress, it consists the menu of all features in this app, before getting to function you pass by the home screen.

Home screen of WordPress App
Home screen of WordPress App

You can see that it’s a backbone of this app, by the way that’s why is a home of all things.

Stats and activity

When you hear stats it means data. What does stats say?


Insights are data that show general information that your blog’s performance, they are instant because it’s a collection of detailed data.

Even though it is a run-through, within insights lies so many useful information that you can use to assess the general performance of your posts and blog as whole.

Here are things that compose the insights tab.

Individual post performance; whenever you post a new article on your blog, Jetpack will immediately start to track views for that post.

Recent post performance.
Recent post performance.

You can also view further statistics like views of that post on different dates, average views per day and so forth by clicking on the “View more” button in a blue color.

Time frames

In the above, we have seen how the dashboard look within the web browser but there is no big difference even though different platforms.

Stats are displayed in an in-depth mode, it delivers every detail of your blog’s daily performance.

You can choose a time interval you want to view your data, either days, week, month and even years if your blog is more than one year.

Yearly stats
Yearly stats
All-time performance
All-time performance

It all give detailed data, it’s up to you to know what you have to do with those data together with other tools like Google Analytics(it helps).


As you know, a blog means a post. Without posts that’s totally not a blog it’s something else so this app has everything you want.

According to Built With, WordPress is the first platform(CMS) for blogging with 320,681 of 1 Million blogs hosted on CMS.

WordPress CMS

Other CMS

This means that WordPress is powering tons of blogs, no doubt.

WordPress has dominated blog market apart from Tumblr
WordPress has dominated blog market apart from Tumblr

In the WordPress App There is a tab of posts, where you can do everything related to a post.

WordPress App allows you to do anything with your post as you would have done it within your dashboard, everything is the same.

Posts screen in phone
Posts screen in phone

You see that like you know in the Dashboard of WordPress, there are four different types of post statuses:

  • Published
  • Drafts
  • Scheduled
  • Trashed

You can alternate the boards to where you want to go.


In the app also comments matter very much as it goes hand in hand with posts. You can moderate comments right away in the app; approve, disapprove or reply them.

Comments screen
Comments screen

The comments screen shows both comments and replies with respective dates.

Post Editor and Gallery

From Featured Image to in-post images and videos all of them are media a post requires in WordPress, does that include in the app?

Of course! You can edit your posts on the go, add images and everything to be able to create a full blog post.

Post editor consists everything the editor needs with all blocks, text, headings, images and much more.

However, you can’t edit it with third party plugins like Getwid(A Gutenberg editor widgets plugin) other than the default editor.

Posts editor in WP App also writes in blocks.
Posts editor in WP App

Themes and plugins

Something new! Did you know that you can manage plugins in the App? Yes you can add or remove plugins in WordPress App.

Plugins button in the home screen
Plugins button in the home screen
Plugins directory also are available in the app
Plugins directory

You tap to plugins button below people, it will take you to the plugins library where you can search for new plugins or manage the existing ones.

Plugins list
Plugins list

This is a list of plugins available on this blog, this is the same for your blog, the app shows which are active even those that need updates.

You can be able to manage a plugin inside the app
You can be able to manage a plugin inside the app

You can also open an individual plugin and manage it, whether remove, deactivate, change settings and more.


I urge you to install Akismet Spam Protection plugin, it will protect you from Spammers and Phishers.

Theme management

Taking it to another level! In this app you can edit your theme’s structure or change it absolutely, which advancedly adds the value to this app.

Theme button on home screen
Theme button on home screen

You can change the current theme directly into the app, but if you try to customize the theme it will redirect you to the web’s backend.

Simply, editing the theme takes place in the backend through your link. It can’t happen within the app.

You can monitor themes
You can monitor themes

Theme details also tells you everything regarding the theme, because I use Hello theme for Elementor, it redirects to the source(Link) of theme.


You can do more than we have seen in the article, that’s why I still can affirm that WordPress is the best blog app for iPhone.

In WordPress app, you can follow other blogs as well other blogs can follow you to see your content, this is a way of getting traffic easily.

If you want to follow a blog, you into discover tab, search for the name of blog, after that go below the search bar and shift from articles to sites.

Search other blogs
Search other blogs
Follow a blog you searched
Follow a blog you searched

Click on the name of the blog you searched for, you will find a pink button that says “Follow” and you will see that the button changes into “Following”.


The most interesting with this feature is that you can keep articles you like closer to you or get some reactions to your article which are;

  • Repost
  • Saving
  • Comment and
  • Star

All of them are the opportunities of engagement to your blog.


WordPress App is an opportunity of a mobile and space independent blogging because you don’t need to wander with a laptop everywhere to write or follow up with your blog. Again, it’s a source of traffic and network with other blogs.

Any app you may know better than WordPress? Share your thoughts, I would be glad to hear them.

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  1. Sending this to my assistant. I wanna switch to WordPress soon and have low key been agonizing over it because I don’t get wordpres at all lol

    1. I also have moved from Blogger to WordPress since then, I realized a significant positive change. I am sure that you will enjoy!

  2. I love the WordPress app, and there’s so many features that mean even when I’m at work I can check on my blog’s progress 🙂 thank you for sharing these thoughts

    1. You’re right! It is a lifesaver when I’m not with my laptop.