Get to know the ability of a section in Microsoft Word (2016 – )

Section breaks in Microsoft Word

A word Section may sound vague because there are many things that are referred to a sections out there, which is different for a section in Microsoft Word.

What is a Section in Word?

Sections are small subdivisions that compose the whole document of Microsoft Word.

These subdivisions help controlling the structure of the document and make it very readable because you can format one single document with different structures.

Not necessary that you format sections with their own styles but for me, I don’t see the other reason why someone would like to add a section.

Where do I find the section in Microsoft Word?

Actually, a section is not a complex thing in MS Word, it’s even not very technical for everyone to say “Oops, I need more time to learn this stuff”.

Not as hard as you think, this is where Section can be found:

  • Open Microsoft Word from Task Bar, Start, from search anywhere you can find it easily.
  • Go to the Menu tab, above to the fifth menu item from the top
  • Choose layout, that’s where everything about sections lie… Wait!
  • Then click on breaks, you will see a long list of options related to breaks.
This is where you can create a section in Microsoft Word.
This is where you can find breaks and sections

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You see that there are tons of options within section breaks. Let’s see the blocks and what each one of them does.

Types of Section breaks

Next Page

This is the popular section(that is used often). This is type of section that starts from the next of current position.

Wherever you insert a section break, another section will start from next page.


Whenever you use this section break, another section will immediately start on the same page.

However, this is not popular but it can be also used, it all depends on circumstances.

Even page

This type of break inserts a section but the difference is that the next section is going to start on an even page.

Tip: Even numbers are numbers that can be divided by two; which means that all numbers that end in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 0 are all even.

Odd Page

The odd page is the other way around of even page, because the insertion of section break will have an effect on an odd number page.

Tip: Odd numbers are numbers that cannot be divide by 2. All numbers that end in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are odd. \

How to know where section breaks are in a document

Do you wanna find out where the section breaks are inside the document?

Literally, you can see exactly where the breaks are except if you put them in a document, moreover, know which type of section break is that.

Suppose it’s a random document you open and you see different formats of two pages, what would you do? Probably the sections were used in that document.

If you want to confirm you should check for that.

This is very simple to do all you need to do is to go to the home page, and look for the pilcrow/paragraph sign( ΒΆ). This will bring you some signs within the text that indicate the formatting of the document.

You will see a line of small symbol that says that at that specific page or location there is “a section break with the type of section is it”.

This is what shows where a section break is located in Word

You can’t find where the section break position because in Microsoft Word these types of formats are simply hidden.

Where can Sections be used

Do you know that every book has preliminary pages that are mostly represented by roman numbers? i.e: i, ii, iii, iv,… But the other pages need to be normal numbers. i.e: 1, 2, 3, 4,…

But guess what? You can’t do that without the help of a section break. Moreover, without sections there is a probability that your cover page could take a page number, which is bad.

So, you need to set up sections to be able to format the sections differently.

Many students during their memoirs and thesis, they struggle with page sections to set up preliminary pages. This is where


I think that you now know how to set up Page Section in Microsoft Word because it’s one of the easy things to do in Word and it makes things easy. Keep practicing.

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