We invented a paper game – Don’t get bored on holiday

A paper game that we invented.

Nothing stresses like being full at home never get to find something that can help you beat the day down. Believe it or not may not today but anytime an ennui will finally come.

During lockdown we had an occupation, it was a paper game we invented when we were kids and it saved us from boredom during lockdown, I now think that if I share with you, it can be useful for now and may be in the future.

What’s the name of the game

You can ask yourself the name we gave this game, that’s something everyone should in the first hand.

To be honest, this game has no name yet because the ambition when we started was to find something that will occupy us.

Hopefully, soon we are going to give it name.

How the game is played

The best thing about this game is that it’s rules are very very easy… Believe me it is one of the easy-to-learn and challenging paper games.

Like other games, there is a high learning curve, but this game can be learned in a day.

No limited number of players

Any game has a number of players allowed according to the rules of the game or the possibilities to play that game because people change the rules of games.

This game can be played by any number of people, there is no limit but for the best experience it is better to reduce the number of players to 5.

No boards just a paper game

This game is played on papers not a paper like tic tac toe. Here the game requires more than one paper because each player has to have his/her own paper.

Simply, this game is decent you only need a paper and a pen.

It’s about what you know

This game is about GK(General Knowledge), it bases on things you know and can cover a variety of topics, it all depends on the choice of players.

You can’t reference to anywhere during the game.

Game guide

Okay, I’m going to help you setup the game and tell you how you can play it together with your family and friends.

  1. Gather your friends or family members whom you want to play the game with.
  2. All players(You and others) must have a pen and a paper for each one.
  3. You should choose topics you should play about, don’t limit yourself the following are our favorite topics we cover:
    • Name of a country
    • Name of a city
    • A brand
    • A drink name
    • A plant name
    • Boy’s name
    • Girl’s name
    • Animal’s name
  4. There you go, time to set the alphabets. We go alphabetically when we play the game but to make it more fun we use the draw method where we write all alphabets to a paper and draw an alphabet at random.
  5. Write a single element starting with alphabet that has been drawn.

General rules

Rule 1: No cheating

You cannot cheat by consulting external sources only your head is the library of all things you write at the moment. However, you can consult the external sources after the time is up for the alphabet to check if no one has written a fake answer.

Rule 2: The drawer is the king

Through contest is where the game becomes interesting, the current drawer is currently the time keeper of the round, when he/she ends, he/she is eligible to stop others to write. Because that’s where the fast thinking abilities and challenge comes from.

Rule 3: Like other games, you can share the points

No difference from other games, if you have written a similar element with you colleague, you share the points. For example you both write Nike on brand you share the points, because each topic must have allocated points as well as the alphabet.

Rule 4: Who has many points is the winner

Again here, there is no difference at all. When all alphabets are over you count the points earned on each alphabet and make a sum, a player with many points is the winner of the tournament.

Sometimes you can set up judges and time keepers, it all depends on the rules you set.


This game is interesting, if you’re with your family together in the holidays or at home bored with your friends you can give a shot this game.

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  1. I used to love this game! I remember playing with my neighbors, at the playground table. That brought me so many good memories! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the memories. You’re right, every time I go far away from my family I remember this game.

  2. I am so attracted to this post!

  3. Bro. I smell a patent coming up. With a bit of packaging, you’ll end up with a classic money spinning game.