3 Ways to beat night phone distraction

You either face that inner voice of phone distraction that always tells you “I’m sleeping in a short moment to come” and in that moment you look at the clock, boom! It’s 3:00 A.M and you hurry in the bed immediately.

I swear to you, you’re not going to enjoy the sweetness in sleeping. I can’t be able to differentiate this from a night owl addiction. Recently I was facing this problem, but I’m beating it slowly.

Why phone distraction is bad?

Actually I cannot blame you for this, social media and stuffs online are hard to resist they are like another type of drug and you know? The longest free time possible we have in a day is the night. So, to make a revolution against being distracted by a cell phone is hard.

You are doing great stuffs on your phone, probably profitable, who knows? But remember something. If you are not healthy, you are almost working for nothing. You can end up not enjoying what you worked for all those nights.

First, take care of your life because basically you don’t have a choice(take it like that). Phone distraction poses a threat to your life especially if you don’t sleep enough as its contribution(consequence).

Avoid being a phone’s night friend

I can tell you that, you should now start avoiding the phone during the night. Whatever the lifestyle you live, avoid the habit of having your hands to take that device when you’re about to go to bed.


You say “during the night is where I have enough time to catch up with my phone, why not profit from that moment”. That’s totally wrong! Let me show why it’s false.

A day counts 12 hours, as well the night is 12 hours which makes it 24 hours, do you agree? If yes, then, you can be awake for the whole 12 hours(From 6 morning up to 6 evening) but believe me your brain is not going to let you do that easily in the night.

If you’ve ever tried to work a night shift, I think that you know hard it can be in the hours of 2 A.M to resist. You can start to feel some headache sometimes. The law of nature always applies sometimes(brain needs to take a break), maybe the body will adapt but, this shouldn’t be applied in the context of phone.

So if you think that you will do much at night, in my opinion this doesn’t make any significant difference. I will advise you to keep focusing on optimizing your day and use it at maximum.

The next day is fed up

The worst part of being distracted by a telephone during the night comes right here. You are going to get few from trying to get so much in a 24 hours day! How?

Probably, you didn’t realize that you will lose the balance of the following day, you will either oversleep or keep falling asleep during your work, class or whatever you will be doing.

Let’s do math. I will show you why again, “let’s say that you’ve been on phone since 10:00 P.M till 3:00 A.M, that’s 5 hours (which is hard as impossible to be productive the whole time)” what is likely to happen is that you will sleep till 8:00 A.M at least.

Well, that’s 2 hours from 6:00 A.M which means that you worked only 3 hours in the night. That’s the same hours as you would work from 7:00 P.M till 10:00 P.M.

Moreover that’s only 5 hours you’ve been able to sleep. Hence, it is going to be a long day for you. Just take a break and then, you are free to wake up early and do your stuff before you start anything.

What should you do to avoid night phone distraction?

I can say that to avoid having a phone by your side the whole night is both easy and also hard. But practicing all those measures can be complicated if you make it seriously. Simply, you won’t make it.

But if you do it gradually, that’s going to be easier than you think. Because, I can’t guarantee you that you will make it in a week even two, that might be a big lie. So, be ready to be patient with the results.

Alternative 1: Leave it in the other room

Avoid phone distraction: leave it in the saloon

When I say saloon, that’s not a rule. The rule is, “you don’t have to take your phone in the room”. It may be in the dining room, kitchen or elsewhere. The point is, by the time you go to bed make sure you don’t take your phone.

This will protect you from looking at it. But if you take it, you never know what will stimulates you towards it; maybe a light or notification and make you look at something and you know what follows.

For the first time I tried this method, I knew that a long night was coming. Moreover, I felt unsafe to be far from my phone and I wanted to go in saloon and take it back. But I convinced myself to leave it there.

As the time came, I started to feel accustomed to sleeping without the phone and now when it’s time I don’t mess up with it. I immediately throw it and go where I can’t even see it.

You can have this under your control if you don’t have it by your side in the room. Just be peaceful, let it and go to bed, I know that for the first time you’ll feel something strange, uncomfortable and so forth but, let it go nothing bad will happen.

Alternative 2:Untie yourself from a smartphone thing

You better use the laptop not smartphone

To be addicted to a laptop is harder compared to a phone, isn’t it? The fact is that you can’t hold that stuff the whole night, if you do it then, you’re beyond the scope.

Using laptops only is a better way of unfriending a phone addiction. I know something for sure, a majority of things on smartphones can also be found in laptops either be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so and so on…

If you want to stay updated in a moderate way, take the alternative of using a laptop instead of mobile phones. I have never tried this for myself but I lived this way unintentionally (When I hadn’t a phone). This what makes me this it as a good measure!

Alternative 3: Uninstall the distractions

If it keeps you from sleeping, uninstall it then.

Actually the phone is not a problem, what’s inside the phone is. I mean, mobile apps which means that if you leave them, your phone is not a problem anymore. You understand the logic?

If possible, uninstall apps that distract you from sleeping. It sounds impossible I understand but you can do that when the first alternative doesn’t work for you.


If you want to be free from a night phone distraction, you need to work for it. You want to look for every strategy that can work for you (Of course good ones, don’t hurt yourself morally).

Try the ones that I mentioned above there is a great chance that they can make a significant change. Phone distraction is a serious stuff you need to take care of, it’s time to take decisions for yourself…

What do you think makes you become distracted most of the time? How do you think you’ll avoid it?

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  1. Very nice article. Distraction by phone is so common there days and detrimental to health in many ways. Your article is helpful to avoid such distractions!

    1. You’re right. We must control ourselves no electronics and devices!

  2. Good points about the apps, although we leave our phones downstairs at night anyway 🙂

    1. That’s the best technique, it worked for me and accurately.

  3. These are some great tips. I used to struggle with checking my phone before I went to sleep and got myself into such a rut. I now switch my phone to night mode at least an hour before bed. It means that I don’t get any notifications other than those of set which is phone calls and texts for emergencies only. Its made such a positive impact.