WordPress is the best blog app for iPhone – Guide

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Best blog app for iPhone? So many people say that blogging is dead and no one is ever starting a successful blog but I can assure you that this is not true and it won’t ever be because people want to read and gain information. Blogging is there and it is still beneficial on both […]

2 tools- WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

In order write a good content that will fight for readability requires powerful tools. Microsoft Word and WordPress can do that regarding the structuring and formatting your content before publishing it. One is publishing platform (WordPress) and other is authority tool (Microsoft Word).

How to create a blog and write first blog post on Blogger.

How to write a blog post on blogger. In our daily life sometimes, we hear people saying they are bloggers and we automatically understand the word “blog (weblog)”. Actually, being a blogger is great because you have time to say what you thing and that idea can be helpful to someone else. Blogger (A.K.A Blogspot) […]