RecordCast: Free online screen recorder [No installation required]

RecordCast screen recorder

Is there a time you get bored due to a bad presentation not because of bad presenter but because of tools used? Recently I found a tool called RecordCast and we are going to see what is capable of by making an ultimate review. You know that nowadays things are changing each and every second […]

Microsoft Excel Formulas and hacks [2020 Ultimate guide]

Microsoft Excel Formulas

From school, Work, commerce and other activities in daily life formula is a basic concept for everyone as you should know your name. Microsoft Excel Formulas are a perfect for both people with ambitions of using it for personal use and business use. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application among tons of those containing Microsoft […]

6 reasons why a broke should not read RICH DAD POOR DAD

Rich Dad Poor Dad Article cover

RICH DAD POOR DAD is a title of a best-seller book from personal finance guru “Robert KIYOSAKI”who teaches how to be independent in terms of money and make money work for you. RICH DAD POOR DAD is not a book for a broke who is starting everything from scratch because the book doesn’t realize that […]

2 tools- WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

In order write a good content that will fight for readability requires powerful tools. Microsoft Word and WordPress can do that regarding the structuring and formatting your content before publishing it. One is publishing platform (WordPress) and other is authority tool (Microsoft Word).

How to do a PowerPoint Presentation (What to avoid in 2020 / 2021)

A good PowerPoint presentation

Now you choose PowerPoint for your next presentation. The question is: How are you going to convince the audience before to get what you want? PowerPoint produces more than 30 million presentations each day, and 500 million are users worldwide yet there is a big problem in there, over $250 million is wasted everyday due […]

Microsoft Word is the best tool for awesome blog post writing.

Microsoft Word can take a blog to another level.

Blogging is a passion that can be turned into business and there are tons of proofs out there, but we should remember also that blogging is a passion that requires devotion and commitment if you want to turn it into business. With Microsoft Office, this is very simple and you are taking passion to another […]

How to embed Instagram post on your blogger blog for free

How to embed an Instagram post

 Do you have a blog or do you want to start a blog? Is social media or Instagram your passion to enjoy by writing on topics related to profiles or other stuffs that will request you to provide some Instagram pictures like in this post? You can embed Instagram post for different purposes, it all depends […]