3 Ways to beat night phone distraction

You either face that inner voice of phone distraction that always tells you “I’m sleeping in a short moment to come” and in that moment you look at the clock, boom! It’s 3:00 A.M and you hurry in the bed immediately. I swear to you, you’re not going to enjoy the sweetness in sleeping. I […]

How to avoid Sleeping during online class(4 things to do)

As of now countries are under lockdown but some classes are continue digitally with the help of computers. What happens if you are struggling with sleeping during online class? One of the hardest things for me was to study at home, it always ended when I’m in love with a movie or bed. So, I […]

We invented a paper game – Don’t get bored on holiday

A paper game that we invented.

Nothing stresses like being full at home never get to find something that can help you beat the day down. Believe it or not may not today but anytime an ennui will finally come. During lockdown we had an occupation, it was a paper game we invented when we were kids and it saved us […]

Don’t put money in a wallet: How I keep my money.

Don't put your money in a wallet

No habit that comes randomly, it all happen for a cause this is the same for me. I thought that it would be good if I share this with you. To be honest, I don’t like the it because I have both a bad experience about putting money in a wallet. Nowadays technology is taking […]

Be aware of top 5 things to do in Rwanda

Top 5 things to do in Rwanda

From nothing to something! Rwanda has came so far, where you couldn’t imagine but through hard work and determination Rwanda is everywhere. There are uncountable things to do in Rwanda whether for business purpose, educational and recreational purpose it all depends on choice and interest. Here is a number of things to do in Rwanda: […]

My experience during my education at Musanze/Rwanda – Golden adventure.

While Rwanda is such an amazing country known as “A country of thousand hills” I wish to call it “A country of thousand hills and thousand beauties”. You know why? I would have never thought about that without a two-year experience in Musanze (District in Northern province of Rwanda) – I really enjoyed that place […]

5 performing stars in creative industries of Rwanda 2020 (At the moment)

Image by Brooke Lark on Unsplash   5 well-performing stars in creative industry of Rwanda 2020 I am proud that Rwanda has made a way to creative industry promotion, you don’t know what is creative industry? It’s alright if you don’t, you will know as we go further in this post, but for an advanced understanding there […]

4 Legit Websites to Find Job openings and other opportunities in Rwanda

Jobs in Rwanda

Are you in Rwanda, are you tired of meeting some scam jobs or you are not sure where you are going to start from hunting jobs? Today you will find answers to all those problems. National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda(NISR) through Labor Force Survey (Simply LFS) has indicated that as of August 2019 the unemployment rate […]

Reasons why you should reconsider using social media

Social Media

Nowadays it’s like a rule to seat in a yard or saloon scrolling around a smartphone (which are very popular) or navigating the world virtually on your laptop. As Statista shows in reports social platforms (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) have 3.81 billion active users while the world has a total of 7.8 billion of population. Without much of explanation only […]