Canva vs Microsoft PowerPoint graphic design: which one is the best?

This article may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through that link I will get some commission at no additional costs to the regular price. You must have not thought about this but these tools are loved by so many, either a designer, a teacher or a blogger could fit […]

Get to know the ability of a section in Microsoft Word (2016 – )

Section breaks in Microsoft Word

A word Section may sound vague because there are many things that are referred to a sections out there, which is different for a section in Microsoft Word. What is a Section in Word? Sections are small subdivisions that compose the whole document of Microsoft Word. These subdivisions help controlling the structure of the document […]

How to freeze a row in Excel [Compare data or create a sticky Header Easily].

How to freeze a row in excel

In Excel you can’t know what’s and what’s not important in doing your daily work, but there are very important things to do while working for example renaming a spreadsheet or sheet, yet there is another thing we disregard that is very important and it is for sure time saving to “Freeze a row”. You […]

Page Layout in Microsoft Word and Excel [4 must-know parts]

Layout in Microsoft Word and Excel

Layout! Of course something that has no organization, structure and order we can call it a trash not layout. Heading to Microsoft Office Menu the 4th and 3rd tab from Home in Word and Excel respectively is called layout (Also known as page layout) Layout (or page layout) shapes the sheet, page or doc’s look […]

Microsoft Excel Formulas and hacks [2020 Ultimate guide]

Microsoft Excel Formulas

From school, Work, commerce and other activities in daily life formula is a basic concept for everyone as you should know your name. Microsoft Excel Formulas are a perfect for both people with ambitions of using it for personal use and business use. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application among tons of those containing Microsoft […]

15 awesome PowerPoint templates resources

Awesome PowerPoint templates resources

We investigated the internet to find out the best websites and resources where you can find professional and high quality PowerPoint templates. In this article there is a collection of 15 websites of PowerPoint templates which among them 46.7% are free, 33.3% are freemium while other 20% are paid. Moreover, PowerPoint templates are a best […]

2 tools- WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

In order write a good content that will fight for readability requires powerful tools. Microsoft Word and WordPress can do that regarding the structuring and formatting your content before publishing it. One is publishing platform (WordPress) and other is authority tool (Microsoft Word).

How to do a PowerPoint Presentation (What to avoid in 2020 / 2021)

A good PowerPoint presentation

Now you choose PowerPoint for your next presentation. The question is: How are you going to convince the audience before to get what you want? PowerPoint produces more than 30 million presentations each day, and 500 million are users worldwide yet there is a big problem in there, over $250 million is wasted everyday due […]

Microsoft Office vs LibreOffice (New deep analysis)

Copywriters, authors, students and office workers – they all need to organize their work, Right? How do they work then? LibreOffice and Microsoft Office are competing products, and so which one to choose between them? Microsoft Office and LibreOffice are mostly akin because they do a similar work but also the difference between them is […]