WordPress is the best blog app for iPhone – Guide

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Best blog app for iPhone? So many people say that blogging is dead and no one is ever starting a successful blog but I can assure you that this is not true and it won’t ever be because people want to read and gain information. Blogging is there and it is still beneficial on both […]

Does Microsoft Clarity have a mobile app?

We all are waiting for Microsoft Clarity App

Few days ago, Microsoft entered the metrics game with Microsoft Clarity which can be seen as an alternative to Google Analytics. As this tool seems to be a contender of Google analytics (which now has its new version [4]). What I can bet for, soon people will start to wonder if this tool has brought […]

Does Documents by Readdle offer a free VPN in iPhone?

Does Documents by Readdle give you a free VPN?

You come here because you wanted to know if the app gives you a free VPN for life! Right? The answer is yes! Documents by Readdle (simply Documents) offers a free VPN which is renewable everyday. But, you can stick with us there is so much you need to know. September and October have been […]

4 Free Christmas apps for iPhone

While preparing for Christmas to come, I have made a collection of 4 Christmas apps that can help prepare well for this single day event you will see again in the next year. Most of us are counting days to nails while still thinking about where to pass the Christmas holidays, the gifts for our […]

What you can do with Camtasia (Best 6 things you probably didn’t know)

Things you can do with Camtasia

Do you sometimes tell yourself that Camtasia is single use software? Or you think that it is made for one purpose (maybe because of what you do with it)? If you think so, you’re wrong (no offense) if you don’t think so, buy yourself a drink! Camtasia has ability to do different creative things either […]

RecordCast: Free online screen recorder [No installation required]

RecordCast screen recorder

Is there a time you get bored due to a bad presentation not because of bad presenter but because of tools used? Recently I found a tool called RecordCast and we are going to see what is capable of by making an ultimate review. You know that nowadays things are changing each and every second […]

3 free useful tools for designers (web-hosted)

Web-hosted tools don’t require to load your computer with software installations – Photo by Andre A. Xavier Simply a designer is a creative person who create plans and turns ideas into designs either by creating or drawing. You can ask yourself what is the difference between “Art” and “Design”? — While I was doing my researches I tried to find […]