We invented a paper game – Don’t get bored on holiday

A paper game that we invented.

Nothing stresses like being full at home never get to find something that can help you beat the day down. Believe it or not may not today but anytime an ennui will finally come. During lockdown we had an occupation, it was a paper game we invented when we were kids and it saved us […]

WordPress is the best blog app for iPhone – Guide

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Best blog app for iPhone? So many people say that blogging is dead and no one is ever starting a successful blog but I can assure you that this is not true and it won’t ever be because people want to read and gain information. Blogging is there and it is still beneficial on both […]

4 Free Christmas apps for iPhone

While preparing for Christmas to come, I have made a collection of 4 Christmas apps that can help prepare well for this single day event you will see again in the next year. Most of us are counting days to nails while still thinking about where to pass the Christmas holidays, the gifts for our […]

What you can do with Camtasia (Best 6 things you probably didn’t know)

Things you can do with Camtasia

Do you sometimes tell yourself that Camtasia is single use software? Or you think that it is made for one purpose (maybe because of what you do with it)? If you think so, you’re wrong (no offense) if you don’t think so, buy yourself a drink! Camtasia has ability to do different creative things either […]

How to freeze a row in Excel [Compare data or create a sticky Header Easily].

How to freeze a row in excel

In Excel you can’t know what’s and what’s not important in doing your daily work, but there are very important things to do while working for example renaming a spreadsheet or sheet, yet there is another thing we disregard that is very important and it is for sure time saving to “Freeze a row”. You […]

15 awesome PowerPoint templates resources

Awesome PowerPoint templates resources

We investigated the internet to find out the best websites and resources where you can find professional and high quality PowerPoint templates. In this article there is a collection of 15 websites of PowerPoint templates which among them 46.7% are free, 33.3% are freemium while other 20% are paid. Moreover, PowerPoint templates are a best […]

2 tools- WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

WordPress and Microsoft Word are best for a blogger

In order write a good content that will fight for readability requires powerful tools. Microsoft Word and WordPress can do that regarding the structuring and formatting your content before publishing it. One is publishing platform (WordPress) and other is authority tool (Microsoft Word).

How to do a PowerPoint Presentation (What to avoid in 2020 / 2021)

A good PowerPoint presentation

Now you choose PowerPoint for your next presentation. The question is: How are you going to convince the audience before to get what you want? PowerPoint produces more than 30 million presentations each day, and 500 million are users worldwide yet there is a big problem in there, over $250 million is wasted everyday due […]